Somebody sent me to reddit to get help repairing my fence?

They said you guys know a lot about reposting.

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I don't normally make fun of somebody's race, but someone has to say it.

FUCK the 100 meter dash. It's just a weaker version of every other race.

Somebody stole my identity....

... it's fine though. They took one look and gave it right back. :(

What do you call somebody who says they are Swedish but really aren't?

An artificial Swedener

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Somebody called my mom gay.

I was left to wonder which one they meant.

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Does anyone know if its possible to take a skin graft from your buttocks and put it on somebody who isn't family?

Arse skin for a friend.

Father buys a lie detector that makes a loud beep whenever somebody tells a lie.

The son comes home in the afternoon. Father asks him, “So, you were at school today, right?” Son: “Yeah.” Detector: “Beep.“ Son: “OK, OK, I was in a cinema.” Detector: “Beep.” Son: “Alright, I went for a beer with my friends.” Father: “What?! At your age, I wouldn’t touch alcohol!“ Detector: “Beep.”...

Before you judge somebody who doesn't use the metric system...

You should walk 1.609344 kilometers in their shoes.

Stalin is giving a long speech at an event, naturally in front of a huge audience. While he's in full flow, somebody near the front of the hall sneezes.

Stalin stops and surveys the crowd.

"Who sneezed?" he asks.

Deathly silence.

"I repeat," says Stalin, "who sneezed?"

Not a peep.

"Very well," says Stalin. "First row, stand up!" Everyone in the first row stands up. "Guards! Open fire!"

A few seconds later, ...

If somebody says you're right as rain,

does that mean you're all wet?

Recently, I'd been feeling really down about the realization that there's no way anyone could ever get off to somebody as ugly as me

Fortunately, I remembered that Death comes for us all.

Somebody asked me about my thoughts on Assassin’s Creed III...

I told him that it’s a pretty revolutionary game.

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Somebody asked me if I'd ever join the "Mile high club"

I said I couldn't give a flying fuck

What do you call somebody with no body and just a nose

Actually Nobody nose

If somebody offered me a coin flip to either get 10 million dollars or instantly die, I'd accept in a heartbeat. A 50 percent chance to solve all my problems would be amazing!

And even if I lost the flip, I'd still get some money.

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When somebody calls you gay

say, "I'm straighter than the pole your mom dances on."

Trump was out walking on a beautiful snowy day, when he saw that somebody had urinated on the White House lawn to spell out "The President Sucks."

Infuriated, Trump called on the secret service to figure out who had done it. In a few hours, they came to him and told him that there was some bad news and some worse news.

"The bad news is that the urine is from Putin."

"Vlad? How could he do this to me? What could be worse than this...

Somebody help me practice rock paper scissors, I suck. Ill go first.


Somebody says video games don't have any impact on your psyche. I can't agree with that.

My Ex-girlfriend played Tetris a lot in her childhood.


She's still waiting for a long stick.

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Remember, you're somebody's reason to smile.

Because you're a fucking joke.

A fisherman is sitting on a river bank. Suddenly, he hears somebody shout ‘F*ck off!’ in the distance.

Ten minutes later he hears the same shout ‘F*ck off!!!!!’, but a bit closer. The fisherman shrugs his shoulders having no idea of what’s going on.
Another ten minutes later when he has already forgotten about the strange shout, he sees a boat with a man rowing up the river… with spoons. So the f...

Somebody stole my ruler.

My disappointment is immeasurable.

What do you call somebody who is in love with the moon?

A lunartic

If I had a dollar for every time somebody over forty tells me my generation sucks...

I would be able to afford a house in the economy they ruined.

You are dating somebody's ex. Somebody is dating your ex. Your ex is dating somebody's ex

In this life, we are all x-men.

Somebody stole my generator and I can’t do anything about it.

I feel so powerless.

I went to a job fair recently. I walked into the room and cried out "somebody is either going to give me a job today, or you'll have to carry me out of here kicking and screaming!"

WikiLeaks told me I was overqualified.

A vegan, a Bitcoin trader, and somebody who didn't vote in 2016 walk into a bar.

Who tells you about it first?

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I forgot to put the seat belt on my five-year-old boy this morning and as we were leaving the trailer park, somebody shouted, "You're an irresponsible father!"

I shot back, “Who the fuck said that?! Stop the car, son!"

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Whenever I talk dirty to somebody over the phone, they disconnect

I guess you could say I have a lot of sexual hangups.

If I had a dollar for every time somebody told me , “don’t worry, you’ll all get back pay”

I’d still be in a financial hardship due to the government shutdown.

If somebody gives me one point, that's fine.

But if somebody gives me two points, that's where I draw the line.

One of the most wonderful things in life is to wake up and enjoy a cuddle with somebody;

Unless you’re in a prison.

If somebody makes a play just to insult someone...

Would it be called a diss-play?

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Can somebody please tell me how to calm someone down who's had too much to drink?

At first I asked him if he finished the bottle, and he only got more pissed

I asked him if another one would make him happy, and he just kept screaming.

I jingled his keys in front of him and told him he wasn't allowed to have them, and he practically ran out of oxygen from yelling....

Somebody threw Skittles at me and said, "Taste the rainbow."

So I threw M&M's at them and replied, "I'm not afraid!"

I had a job interview today and I have a feeling it went well. The manager said they were looking for somebody responsible.

“You’ve found your man,” I responded, “whenever there was a problem in my last job, they always said that I was responsible!”

I hit somebody driving my car, and I dont feel bad at all.

I mean, wouldn't you punch somebody trying to steal your car too?

You know that tingly sensation you get when you fall in love with somebody?

That's common sense leaving your body.

If Liverpool wins, somebody warn the Pope!


1. A British prince gets married

2. Liverpool wins the Champions League

3. The Pope dies


1. A British prince gets married

2. Liverpool wins the Champions League

3. The Pope dies


1. A British prince gets married


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"Doctor, I've got this really weird condition that whenever somebody questions me that I violently shit my pants."

"REALLY?" asked the doctor, laughing.

I said, "Nice try, pal, but I'm not wearing any pants.."

I was in Saudi Arabia the other day and I asked somebody if they had any spare change.

They said," Yemen."

Autocorrect sucks! Look what I've sent to somebody in the office by mistake...

- "Next Tuesday I'll lick you, suck you and bite you all night!"

- Hahahaha, what did you want to say?

- Thursday

A husband wants to hire somebody to kill his wife...

After weeks of research, he finally hears tell of a hit man known simply as Arthur, who happens to be in town.

He sets up a meeting with Arthur to schedule the hit.

He and Arthur meet, and the husband gives Arthur his wife's picture, and tells him, "She goes to the grocery store once a...

When somebody tried to mug me, I raised my magnum...

But then I realized I was bringing an ice-cream to a gunfight.

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Somebody once told me that I was going to be a great man

...that asshole lied to me.

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Somebody told me me clothes looked gay

I told them it's because they came out of the closet.

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Has somebody already posted the joke about peanut butter?

I won't tell you, it might spread

What does a physicist say when they see somebody jump off a cliff

They shake their head and say “So much wasted potential”

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Somebody once told me to ask for forgiveness, not permission...

Great, now I'll never get anal OR dinner ever again

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My teacher can tell when somebody is faking.

I can see why he's so sexually frustrated.

Geez, somebody's found the password to my account.

,,Guess I'll have to rename my dog.

I'm very grateful that somebody invented window blinds...

Otherwise it would be curtains for all of us!

Somebody must have roofied my drink last night.

I woke up at 4:00 this morning with an irresistible urge to go hammer some shingles.

Somebody was shot with a starting pistol...

The police think it might be race related...

What did the programmer say immediately after somebody asked "do you want it or not"?


Somebody once told me that I could break a mirror just by looking at it.

They insisted it was hilarious. I didn’t find it funny.

The mirror cracked up though.

Somebody attacked Bill Clinton's vice president with a chainsaw.

Witnesses described a mess of blood and Gore.

So I was sitting on the bus just reading a book when somebody tapped me on the shoulder.

I turned around and saw an old lady. She said to me, "Sonny, would you like some nuts? I've got a couple hazelnuts and almonds if you'd like."

"Sure.", I replied. Then she gave me a handful of nuts and went back to sit with her friends.

"What a nice lady", I thought, while happily munc...

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A Native American Chief was asked by somebody on his reservation how cold the coming winter will be...

He isn't sure what to say, but to be safe he responds, "It will be very cold. Start collecting firewood to prepare."

Later that week he realizes that he might be wrong with his prediction, so he walks into the city and uses a pay phone to call the local weather station.

He asks them, ...

That's a nice sham you've got there. It would be a shame if somebody...

added an e.

Somebody said today that I'm lazy.

I nearly answered him.

I once mistook somebody's drink for mine.

It was definitely not my cup of tea.

Can somebody help me translate 'orbis terrarum ad mihi' from Latin?

It would mean the world to me.

Cuddling with somebody is probably the most comforting thing in the world...

...unless you're in prison.

Somebody stole my mood ring

I'm not quite sure how I feel about it.

Somebody should've told Logan Paul the Thai kids in the cave had died.

He would have found them in no time.

What do you call somebody who takes things too literally?

A thief.

If somebody who speaks three languages is trilingual, and somebody who speaks two languages is bilingual, what do you call somebody who speaks only one language?


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Somebody, somewhere, has masturbated while thinking of you

And other lies you can tell yourself

Somebody called me illiterate today

What does that even mean?

Somebody just threw a load of Omega 3 pills at me...

Don't worry though, I only suffered super fish oil injuries..

Somebody actually complimented me on my driving today.

They left a little note on the windscreen, it said 'Parking Fine.' So that was nice.

I'm pretty sure somebody hid the final paragraph of my essay on the shelf I can't reach

but I don't want to jump to conclusions

What is the best adjective to describe somebody who incessantly makes puns?


^^^I'm ^^^sorry

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If I got $1 every time somebody called me a racist

black people would rob me

Donald Trump is giving a speech, and his bodyguard spots somebody about to shoot the president...

The bodyguard leaps up and shouts "MICKEY MOUSE"

Confused, the shooter stops and asks, "why did you shout Mickey mouse?"

The bodyguard replies "oh sorry, i meant to say DONALD, DUCK!"

When you hear somebody shout your name after you have just left pee on the toilet seat,

You know urine trouble

Somebody broke into the police station and stole all the toilets, but no clues were left.

The cops have nothing to go on.

If you ever feel your job is meaningless...

Just remember that it's somebody's job to install turn signals to BMW's

The last time I was somebody's type

I was donating blood

Somebody help me find my apples!

The man cried fruitlessly.

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Baby Bear says “Somebody’s been eating my porridge!”

Then Papa Bear says “Somebody’s been eating my porridge too!”

Mama Bear yells out “Would you two assholes shut up? I haven’t even made the fucking porridge!”

If I won the award for laziness, I would send somebody to pick it up for me.

How lazy are you?

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Fire somebody

Business was terrible and not picking up. I had to fire somebody and I narrowed it down to one of two people, Debra or Jack. 

It was an impossible decision because they were both super workers. 

Rather than flip a coin, I decided I would fire the first one who used the water cooler the...

What do you call somebody who is an insomniac, a dyslexic, and an agnostic?

Somebody who stays up all night wondering if there is a dog.

Somebody once argued to me "that which is asserted without evidence can be dismissed without evidence."

I replied "no it can't."

What's it called when somebody carelessly walks on train tracks?

A loco motive

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My wife woke me in the middle of the night and said, "I think there's somebody in our kitchen."

So I went down there with a baseball bat and sorted the fucker out. When I returned to the bedroom, the bat covered in blood, my wife look astonished. She said, "My goodness. You taught him a lesson!" "Yeah," I said, "that will teach our son to never steal one of my beers."

How do you console somebody with bad grammar skills?

There, their, they're.

My wife complained to me the other day that I'm trying to be somebody that I'm not...

I'm just confused as to how she got into the batcave in the first place.

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I phoned the police. I said, "Somebody stole my Viagra!"

The guy said, "Can you expand on that?"

I said, "Yes. That's its exact purpose."

LPT: If you know somebody with dyslexia that uses public transport, offer to help them read their timetable to prevent any mixups.

Whoops, wrong bus.

Today somebody knocked on my door and asked for a small donation to the local swimming pool

I gave him a glass of water.

Somebody drove past me on a tractor yelling "the end of the world is nigh!"

I think it was Farmer Geddon

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A blowjob can make somebody's whole day

But anal will make their hole weak

Don’t you hate it when you come to somebody’s place and they just

can’t shut up asking you stupid questions like “what do you want” and “who are you” and “omg is that a real gun?”

How do you break up with somebody in Italy?

It's not you! It's a me, Mario!

What is the easiest way to tell if somebody is vegan?

Oh, don't worry. They'll tell you.

How can you tell the difference between a golfer and somebody suicidal?

One of them is happy to get a stroke

Compliment somebody on their moustache

and all of a sudden she is not your friend anymore.

Here's a red light story somebody told me..

A guy's driving along, got someone sitting right next to him and he goes right through a red light.

Passenger: "What are you doing?"
Driver: "Never mind. My brother drives like this"

Goes a little bit further and comes to another red light, drives right through it.


Wow, somebody actually died from smoking too much weed

His cause of death was "Blunt Force Trauma"

Three friends: Nobody,Somebody and Mad used to live happily together

Once, Nobody and Somebody had a huge argument and in a fit of rage Somebody killed Nobody .

Horrified, Mad decided to call the cops.
Mad: Hello cops? Somebody just murdered Nobody! You need to come over quick!

Cop: What?

Mad: Somebody killed Nobody!

Cop: Sir, are yo...

Somebody stole my Car

An Irishman walks out of a pub, stumbling back and forth with a key in his hand. A cop on the beat sees him and approaches,

"Can I help you lad?"

"Yesss, Sssshombody stol me car!" the Irishman replies.

The cop asks, "Well now, where was your car the last time you saw it?"

Somebody broke into my house yesterday, and stole all my lamps.

I was delighted.

Tell somebody you love them today, because life is short.

But shout it at them in German, because life is also terrifying and confusing.