What's a mass murderer's favorite article of clothing?

Casual T's.

What do you call a mass murderer on a bike?

A Cyclepath.

This joke may contain profanity. 🤔

How do you know the Japanese mass murderer was a chef?

He spent his day cutting up vegetables

Why do mass murderers get excited for halloween?

Because they get to carve something legally.

I've been hearing a lot about mass murderers lately....

It must be a scary time to be catholic.

Mass Murder

Man walks into a pub and the bartender says, "Not seen you in ages, where you been?"

"Was in the jail," replies the man.

"Sorry to hear that," says the bartender. "What did you do?"

"What do you mean?," says the man, "I was just visiting. My friend got convicted for a mass murde...

What do you call a serial killer that only kills fat people?

A mass murderer

I wont let the load of one small murder weigh me down...

... because I'm a mass murderer.


Are mass murderers

I go to the gym to lose weight

You can say that I’m a mass murderer

After months of detective work, police have uncovered the bodies of a number of missing persons...

These bodies which number in the dozens, were buried in the backyard of a suspected mass murderer. Upon investigation, the police found a series of mass graves. These holes had been dug up by the alleged killer, and contained dismembered body parts, including torsos, extremities, and decapitated hea...

Did you hear about the guy that shot up a church?

Now he’s a mass murderer

Why did the physicist at the Hadron Collider get thrown in jail?

Because he was a mass murderer

I heard there's a guy that destroyed a group of Higgs Boson particles.

He's a mass murderer.

Did you hear about the doctor who killed anyone over 15 stone?

He was a mass murderer.

Did you know that if you take all the people in the world and split them in half

you'd be a mass murderer

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