Why did the girl fall off the swing?

Because she had no arms

Q: Why did Sally fall off the swing?

A: Because she has no hands

Why did the gorilla fall off the tree?

Because he was dead

Why did Bono fall off the stage?

He got too close to The Edge.

Two drums and a cymbal fall off a cliff

... ba dum tsss

How to fall off stairs

Step- 1

Step- 2

Step- 6

Step- 14

Step- 28


Where do animals go when their tails fall off?

The retail store.

A sheep, a drum and a snake fall off a cliff.

Baa dum hiss

Why did Sally fall off the swing?

Because she has no arms.

Knock knock
Whos there?
Not Sally.

What did Sally get for Christmas?
We don't know, she hasn't opened it yet.

What did Sally get for her birthday?

Why did the tire fall off?

It was wheely bad

Donald trump and Kim Jong-Un have a race to see who can fall off a bridge the quickest. Who wins?


Why did the blind man fall off the Space Needle?

Because he couldn’t Seattle.

A photographer had his lens fall off his camera

He was fined for indecent exposure.

Did you know that when leaves fall off of trees in the Autumn, it's because of nostalgia?

They're trying to get back to their roots.

I purchased a bottle of whiskey and then got worried that should I fall off my bicycle, the bottle would break.

Instead, I decided to drink it now. Definitely a good decision, I fell off seventeen times on my way back home.

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Why did the ant fall off the toilet?

Because it was pissed off

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Whenever I fondle breasts, they fall off.

It's true, I fell tit with my own hand.

Why didn't the witch fall off her broom?

She wasn't wearing underwear

Why do scuba divers fall off the boat backwards?

Because is they fell forward they'd land in the boat.

A pessimist and and an optimist fall off the top of a 100 story building......

The pessimist was heard screaming and cursing as he past the 20th floor. As the optimist fell past he quietly whispered "so far, so good"!

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Why did the little girl fall off the swing?

She didn't have any arms.

Bonus: Knock knock.
Who's there?
Not the little girl...

If the beavers are rowing their canoe down main st and the wheels fall off, how many pancakes will it take to shingle a dog house?

Seven because ice cream has no bones

Why didn't anyone hear Helen Keller fall off a cliff?

She had mittens on.