I used to sell cookware, but that didn't pan out.

So I've switched to selling underwear for a brief time.

Did you hear about the pioneer who headed west looking for gold?

It didn't pan out, so he moved to Ore-gon.

I just quit my job to focus on prospecting for gold

I'm just waiting to see how things pan out

Why was the cooking joke not funny?

Because it didn't pan out

I feel sad that Captain Hook never made it to Admiral

I guess it didn’t Pan out for him.

My mother always told me: "If you want a job done well, do it yourself"

That theory didn't pan out too well with my last surgery.

I tried to make a living mixing audio files to the left and right

...but it didn't really pan out.

I wanted to be a gold prospector....

But in the end it didn't pan out.

I'm not very good at baking...

my friend said to stick with it dough, it'll pan out in the end.

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