Heard about the statistician who liked to kick back with his feet in the oven and his head on a bucket of ice?

On the average, he was quite comfortable.

What's the difference between taekwondo and political lobbying?

One has back kicks the other has kick backs.

The King’s Kidney

Long ago, one of kidneys of the King of Ethiopia was ruptured when the leash to his horse snapped, causing the horse to kick back in surprise. One of his bishops rushed to his side and offered a quick prayer.

“Oh God, I pray that our king’s kidney may be healed, and that he will live to rule...

This joke may contain profanity. 🤔

Bring me a beer before it begins!

Dad loves to tell this joke whenever he gets the opportunity:

A guy comes home, takes off his coat and make his way to the living room. He turns on the tv and catches a game. He sits on his favorite couch then kick back and relax. He then adress his wife in the kitchen "Honey! bring me a c...

Chicken and egg check in to the motel

Know this one?

They get busy, then kick back. Egg lights up a cigarette. Chicken says, 'Well that settles that.'

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