A 22 rifle is a Lot like Bill Cosby

A Lot of people grew up with it without knowing What it coud do to a person in close quarters

This joke may contain profanity. 🤔

Man goes to buy a house

a man goes to buy a house, and he found one very good looking one. it was near the beach, it was big and it was cheap. So the man goes to see the house with the seller. They tour the house and it looks like it is everything he coud want, big, cheap and great view. when they arrive to the bathroom th...

A man takes his mother to a nursing home.

A man and his family one day decided it was to take their mother to live at a nursing home.

When they arrived at the facility, her son went in to file paperwork and talk to the administrator while the mother sat on a bench outside of the office.

A rather nice orderly cam and sat down b...

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