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A peach murder-suicides his wife and children…

Three days later, a pineapple detective arrives to the crime scene and begins to observe the deteriorated remains of the family.

Pineapple says, “well that’s just the pits.”

Did you hear about the blonde who tried to commit suicide

She sat in her running car

And closed the garage

It was her new Tesla

Russians are very flexible, and are world-class ballerinas, figure skaters, and gymnasts

They use their flexibility in other ways, too! It's the only country where there are regularly suicides with bullets to the *back* of the head.

Jeffery Epstein likes his video games like he likes his suicides


An Australian man living by the cliff has prevent over 150 suicides, during the 50 years he has lived there...

... by shooting them himself.

I like my exes suicides how I like my whiskey

On the rocks.

What do you call it when Drake suicides?

Jumpman, jumpman, jumpman, jumpman

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