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Gay is a mental illness

You're not thinking straight

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What's the difference between sex and mental illness?

Most of Reddit has experienced mental illness

Mental illness joke. (I have this illness so I'm laughing at myself) I used to have a beautiful girlfriend who loved and cherished me before I got diagnosed with Schizophrenia

Then they put me on some pills and she disappeared

My wife is leaving me because of my mental illness.

At least thats what the cat told me.

The doctor asked Fred if anyone in the family suffers from mental illness.

Fred replied: "No, we all seem to rather enjoy it."

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Today a woman came into my doctor's office with a sexually transmitted mental illness.

She was fucking crazy.

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A young boy named Jim with suspected mental illness was due to visit a psychotherapist but he seemed very uncomfortable with the whole idea. Finally his mother convinced him to go. Upon arrival the young boy was greeted β€œHello Jim, do you know who I am?”...

Jim replied.. β€œOf course I do, your Psycho The Rapist!”

They say mental illness is genetic

I know my kids make me crazy

Apparently 25% of women are on some form of medication for mental illness. 25%! That's horrifying.

It means 75% of them are running around untreated!

Lobotomy is the solution for all mental illnesses

It's a no brainer

Statistics say that 60% of women take medication for mental illness,

Which means 40% aren't taking their medication.

I read that 1 in 5 women suffer from mental illness

so I guess that means the other 4 must enjoy it.

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Mickey Mouse is speaking with a divorce attorney...

...and the attorney says, "I'm sorry Mickey, I've gone over all of Minnie's medical history and I find no evidence of mental illness."

To which Mickey replies, "I didn't say she's crazy! I said she's fucking Goofy!"

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If I was in a room with hitler, osama bin laden and stalin,

I would ask you to write a letter to my mother about my mental illness

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Mickey and Minnie go to a divorce lawyer

Mickey and Minnie go to a divorce lawyer. The lawyer says "Mickey, it says here that would want to divorce Minnie because she's crazy? Mental illness is a sickness. Didnt you vow to love her in sickness and in health?" Mickey replied "You misunderstood. I never said she was crazy, I said she was fuc...

I was asked by my doctor if mental illness ran in the family...

I told him "I have an aunt who wants to vote for Hillary Clinton"

My grandmother, a life-long abstract artist, has dementia.

For the longest the family couldn't be sure of her mental illness, but eventually we all saw the landscape.

I don't make jokes about anime.

Because my mom told me to not make jokes about mental illnesses.

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Mickey Mouse goes to a divorce attorney's office...

...and files for divorce from Minnie. The lawyer says,

"Mr. Mouse, it's very sad that you and your wife are divorcing. You're one of show business' most beloved couples. In order to file your request I'll need to specify a reason why you wish to divorce your wife."

Mickey tells him....

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