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Why do they call it euthanasia?

It’s not like you’re getting any younger

I support euthanasia.

In fact, I support the youth in every continent.

I keep hearing how euthanasia is controversial

But I think those Chinese kids are alright

I've been reading a book on euthanasia...

It's so good I can't put it down.

I believe there is a point in life after which the suffering becomes unbearable and euthanasia is the only humane option.

That point is birth.

The euthanasia clinic finally found a slogan

Kill them with kindness

TIL when China ended the one-child policy in 2015 there was actually a significant rise in adolescent euthanasia.

Sorry, youth in Asia.

Yesterday night I was talking to my wife about euthanasia

I insisted that in case I become incapacitated in any way, I wish to be taken off all the equipment that keeps me artificially alive and left to die in peace.

She said ok and then stood up, turned off the TV and the computer and threw away the beer.

my grandpa was taking his dog to the vet.

Vet told him the dog was getting old. Then when asked how he felt about euthanasia my grandma simply replied “hard working bunch there”

I fully support mandatory euthanasia for the elderly...

But I'm sure with age and maturity my views may change.

Doctors at euthanasia clinics think they are better than everyone else

They are are always putting someone down.

My friend told me, "I don't support euthanasia."

I replied, "You should be ashamed of yourself! The young people in Asia deserve as much support as the young people on any other continent."

A doctor asks an dying old man: "How do you feel about euthanasia?"

Old man: "I don't care if young people want to be in Asia. Let em."

My wife got a new job at a vet clinic, and almost killed a dog her first day. (Oc)

But she’s getting better at euthanasia.

When I told my parents my wife had come down with the flu, my Dad said,

"Well have you tried euthanasia?"
In the background I could hear my Mom yell, "For the last time Henry, it's pronounced 'Echinacea'! Echinacea'!!!!

What's everyone's problem with euthanasia?

I like little asian kids

A man in China was killed by a group of underaged doctors.

He died by euthanasia.

Deadass spent 4 hours doing a project on youth in Asia

then found out it was supposed to be on euthanasia.

My friend said that China might be considering assisted suicide for teenagers

He's probably wrong, but if he's right, that would mark the beginning of euthanasia of youth in Asia.

The anti-phonetic alphabet

I've been making a list for months of words that can be used to deliberately confuse people over the phone when phonetically reading out letters. Some letters like L are tough so I just added funny words to say.

A - aisle

B - bdellium

C - czar

D - Djibouti, Django, djemb...

What is the difference between kids in China and putting down a dog?

Nothing, they are both Euthanasia

What do a veterinary clinic and kpop fans have in common?


Why are families only allowed 1 child in China?

The government is opposed to euthanasia.

Yo' momma so stupid...

she thought euthanasia was a student exchange program.

This joke may contain profanity. 🤔

Saudi Arabia now supports euthanasia

Just proclaim you are homosexual

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