Say what you want about the graphics for Lara Croft's bosom in the original Tomb Raider

At the time, they were cutting edge.

After being inside for months, I decided to go out today.

The graphics were awesome, but the storyline is terrible.

Apparently the iPhone 7 has console-like graphics.

Goddammit, when are they going to start to put good hardware in these phone.

why should you never buy a Asian graphics card?

bad drivers.

Genesis does what Nintendon't

16-bit graphics.

blast processing.




Going outta business

Usain Bolt is very near-sighted, almost blind

The only reason he can run so fast is because he downgraded the graphics

Why aren't digital images of Bob Marley scalable?

Because they're all rasta graphics.

A Gamers perspective of Reality.

Great graphics, terrible gameplay.

computer humor

Graphics card says to the RAM "did you see that?" he replies "I Know".

Why does the US military use digital camo?

They turned down the graphics for better performance

Your son is a little slow...

My son was having trouble in school so I took him to a doctor to see if he was ok. The doctor calls me a few days later "sir it seems your son is a little slow." I ask him what could be done. So I turned down his graphics now he's really fast but dear god is he ugly.

This joke may contain profanity. 🤔

I tried real life once.

Graphics were great. But the story line was shit.

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