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I like the word “ethereal.” It conjures such interesting imagery, like the aurora borealis, or the soft glow of galaxies in the night sky over the Grand Canyon.

It also sounds like a person with a lisp, trying to tell me to eat cereal.

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According to Sigmund Freud, sexual imagery pops up in the vast majority of art,

But this theory has been proven to be a phallusy.

I hate jokes that rely on visual imagery...

I've had it up to here with them.

The US government wants to test how good some of its instituions are at tracking down someone...

So they release a marked rabbit into a forest and task the CIA, the FBI and the police with finding it.

The CIA goes first. They try sattelite imagery, informants, drones, everything they can, but after six months they give up, saying that they can't find the rabbit.

Next goes the FBI....

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There was a special forces competition...

And USA, Russia and China got into the finals.

For the finals, the question was this:
Go into the forest, and find the rabbit.

So the Russians went first.

They brought with them 100 of their finest and searched the whole forest, inch by inch they looked for traces of the rabb...

A mental health facility offers supervised hobbies for its patients.

They have access to painting, exercise, a small library, cooking, all sorts of stuff.

When they paint, they are often instructed to paint their mood, or something they would like to see or do when they are released. Some paint melancholy things, dark with depressive imagery and muted colors. ...

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Mr. Tilley is running a Christian book store in a strip mall. [Long]

And business is good. The community has been growing, both in economy and spirit, with community centers and parks, factories and research laboratories. A true mecca of modern civilization. Mr. Tilley knows everyone in town, and everyone knows him. When anyone sees him, they smile, wave, and say "Bl...

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On the advice of his doctor, a man goes to see a psychiatrist for possible sex addiction.

During his first session, the psychiatrist shows the man a series of Rorschach inkblots to gauge his reactions.

On the first inkblot, the man says: "It's a guy getting a blowjob."

On the second, the man says: "Hmmm, looks like a woman receiving cunnilingus from another woman."


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