DNA editing was invented by Gene Hackman

Does it work if the whole joke is in the title?

Copy-editing is a very stressful line of work

Every time one of us misses a period, we get really nervous.

What’s a French King’s least favorite editing software?

Final cut

If you shared on Facebook about a fence installation video you were editing...

Would that make it a post post post?

What's the best part about editing posts?

Its rewording

How do you identify a pregnant clause when editing writing?

It’s missing a period.

Can somebody explain to me the uproar over the CEO editing posts?

I mean... what part of Chief Editing Officer don't these people understand?

Young Billy discovers the power of prayers

One day Billy's teacher yells at him for not doing his homework. He feels upset and when in bed he prays' Dear God, please kill my teacher"

When he goes to the school, he learns that his teacher passed away. He comes back home amazed by the power of his new forms of communication.


This joke may contain offensive words. 🤔

What you got there!? (Sorry probably horrible editing, from phone)

A young boy is walking down the street carrying chicken wire, there's an old man sitting in his porch watching him. "Hey, boy, what you got there?"

"chicken wire". Replys the boy.

"What you gunna do with that chicken wire?" Asks the old man.

"Catch me some chickens."


John, a high school student, wants to join an afterschool club.

He looks through the catalog and decides on Yearbook. One day after school, he walks through the halls but realizes he doesn't know which room is Yearbook.

Finally, after looking around for 10 minutes, he gives up. He sees a room which has people editing photos inside. Thinking it must be Ye...

A guy walks into a bar

With both arms and a leg broken, a concussion and multiple wounds all over his body.
As he joins his friends at the table one of them asks:
-“Dude what happen to you?! You look terrible”
-“You’ll never believe it” he said. “See this broken leg? A bear did this!!”
“Wow, and your arms an...

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What's the difference between a forty-year-old Roman and your average American citizen?

Nothing, they're both XL.

Note: as u/TEFLING_ALONG pointed out, it is a similarity, not a difference. However, I can't seem to change the title :/, sorry.

Note #2: with the help of u/KKlear I was able to formulate the punchline in such a way that the editing of the title was no longer ...

How many light bulbs does it take to change a blonde?

About 4 and some decent photo editing software.

John started working in a color pigment company...

John started working in a color pigment company which specialises in mixing and editing different color pigments according to their customers's demands. Once the color pigments were done, they would be mailed out to the customers with a detailed note commenting on the properties of the produced colo...

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Buss Nun

So this guy is on the bus and he sees the hottest nun ever and he's like "damn. I need some of her in my life." So he goes up to her and being a blunt man asks is she wants to have sex. She promptly replies with "hellllll no, I'm a virgin and a nun." So now the guy is all sad and he watches the nun ...

An IT consultant is fixing KFC's website.

While editing the code, he noticed a line that simply said, "KFC RULES" with improper syntax, which caused the site to crash. When he asked who wrote the code, he was told that Harland Sanders, the founder of KFC, was the one responsible.

The IT guy responded, "That's what I call a Colonel Er...

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Obsolete Technologies

A man is sitting in a recliner watching television when he asks his wife to pass the newspaper.

She starts barking at him,"Why don't you learn how to use this iPad? You're never going to get better at technology if you don't start using it for some of the simple things."

Considering hi...

Why do rogues and thieves in RPGs usually wear medium armor?

Because it's literally made out of 'hide'.

Courtesy of /u/Courin at /r/Guildwars2 (with minor editing):

Two men are hiking...

Two men are hiking in a forest when suddenly, the other man falls down. "Oh my God!", his friend exclaims. He quickly dials 911. He gets connected to an operater. "This is 911, what is your emergency?" "Me and my buddy were hiking and he suddenly fell down! His eyes are glazed and he isn't moving!" ...

Why was Civil Disobedience such a good essay?

Thoreau editing.