How did the marxists get around?

The Prolechariot.

How did Luke Skywalker get around the forest moon of Endor?


Me: so how do you guys get around?

DUMBLEDORE: lots of ways. you can take the secret train

ME: makes sense

DUMBLEDORE: fly a broomstick

ME: fun

DUMBLEDORE: flush a toilet and get sucked down into it.

ME: waitaminute... what?


How do crabs get around on land?

They use the sidewalk.

How does an artist get around?

Well, quite easel-y.

This joke may contain profanity. 🤔

A Japanese man, French man and a redneck are sitting at a bar. The subject get around to sex and what they to drive their wife crazy.

The Japanese man: After we make love, I softly massage my wife's breasts. It drives her crazy.

The French man: After we make love, I kiss her eyes, then her breasts, then her sweet spot. It drives her crazy.

The redneck: After I jump the old ladies bones, I get up and wipe my dick of...

How do ticks get around?

They Itch Hike

I keep meaning to write my memoirs, but never get around to it.

It's my oughta biography

Whenever I'm in pain, I get around it by...

...blaming it on my nerve cells.

How does Jesus get around the busy streets of bethlehem?

By using the crosswalk

When Fozzy the Muppet gets old what will he need to get around?


How do oysters get around?

In mussel cars.

What does an aging Sith lord with a bad hip use to get around?

An Imperial Walker

How do scratched dvds get around?

They skip

How does a baby Wookie get around?


How do people in Nor Cal get around?

Hella copters

From my Dad: I never did get around to paying for my exorcism

So now I've been repossessed.

I have a really good joke about procrastination

But I have other things to do. I’m sure I’ll get around to telling you the joke later.

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