I love throwing house warming parties

**But for some reason the police keep calling it 'Arson'.**

my parents must be getting invited to a lot of parties

because at night all i can hear is “ oh yeah i’m gonna come”

side note: why am i never invited to these parties?

I hate parties. Call me antisocial...

...just don’t call me.

The political parties can't agree on what a second economic stimulus package should look like. Democrats want every American to receive a $1,200.00 check, while Republicans favor giving everybody 10 pounds of Parmesean cheese.

The GOP wants to "Make America Grate Again".

Why do Walruses go to Tupperware parties?

They’re always looking for a tight seal.

The worst thing about office parties...

Is having to go find a job the next day

Why is climate change good for shy people at parties?

It’s a good ice breaker

I'm starting a new business where I host parties for football players

Just trying to make ends meet

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