I wrote a manifesto for my political party but I think it was too long so I wrote a shorter one...

Itโ€™s a minifesto

If communism is a political party

Where is all the food?

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Games like LoL show an increasing fervor towards Hitler's political party

It's proven that this type of games encourage the average consumer to act in a NaCl way.

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I want to start a political party called the People of our Population....

..... I know it would be the POOP but it would be better than the shit we have to deal with now.

TIL my mom isn't a member of any organized political party.

You see, she's a Republican.

What's Donald's true political party?


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When discussing political party views in government today, my teacher asked "How would a conservative view pornography?"

I muttered "in high definition" and now apparently *I'm wrong*

American political party symbols are spot on...

Trump is the elephant in the room, and the DNC is full of jackasses!

None of my relatives are members of any organized political party.

They're all republicans.

Some may say the democratic national convention is where we nominate the president

I think itโ€™s just a political party

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A political joke that makes everyone laugh.

One day, North Korea decides that they wish to invade America by destroying it from the inside. They decided to scrap the idea when they realized that there is an entire political party already trying to do that.

The White House Correspondents' Dinner is ...

just a big political party.

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