Why couldn't the PC gamer stop crying?

He refused to be consoled.

What problem can both gamers and popular musicians relate to?

The fans are too noisy.

I met a very famous asian gamer today.

His name was Lo Ping.

What does a gamer and a burn victim both say

I can’t wait to try out my new skin

Why should you get a gamer girl gf?

She can bring joy to your stick

A gamer dies and goes to hell...

After one week, the devil goes to God:

\- God?! What crazy person have you send me here? He destroyed all the cauldrons, killed all demons, running like crazy everywhere and yelling: "Where is the exit to LEVEL 2!!!"

As a gamer I find it strange that Biden was declared the winner...

Trump had way more kills

Why did the console gamer cross the road?

To render the buildings on the other side.

Gamers these days have no patience.

Two thousand years ago, respawn wait times were *three days*

Gamers become the best engineers.

They are already experts in steam.

Why did the console gamer get a headache at the art museum?

Too many frames.

What’s the difference between a slug and a gamer?

A gamer gets salty when they die, but a slug dies when it gets salty.

What kind of dough does a gamer use?


What do you call it when a gamer girl has her first period...

...First blood

A new hairdressers for angry gamers opened up in my town.

It's called 'Dye Dye Dye!'

I’m not a player, I’m a gamer. Players get chicks.

I get bullied at school.

Gamers and organ harvesters are similar in some ways.

They both loot through chests hoping to find rare loot to sell later on.

What do you call a group of gamers out in public?

A rare occurance.

Top 5 anti-vax excuses, interpreted for gamers

Excuse #5: "I like to play life with the default biological settings".

Excuse #4: "I like to take my chances and play it on extreme difficulty, just like old school style."

Excuse #3: "Pay to win? Eww."

Excuse #2: "I'll rather die than pay for DLC."

Excuse #1: "I swe...

Why can't PC gamers use Uber?

Too many incompatible drivers.

What do you call a pro gamer that tests politics simulator games?


How Do You Know Someone Is A PC Gamer?

You don't, they tell you.

My pet fish is a gamer

His favorite game is cod

(this is my first post on here please be nice)

A dumbass,a suicidal person and a gamer walk into a bar

The bartender says: you are 13 why are you in a bar

Two elitist gamers meet each other and discuss their favorite online games

Gamer 1: "You play WoW? LoL"

Gamer 2: "You play LoL? WoW"

What do you call a gamer who works at a abortion clinic?

Spawn camper

This joke may contain profanity. 🤔

A gamer walks into a bar...

...and asks the barkeep "you got a console to play on?" And the barkeep says "yeah, but only have one game for it." The gamer shrugs, orders a cider and sits down to play.

While he's playing another guy walks in and says "hey, that guy with the cider is playing my game!" And the barkeep asks...

Growing up as a gamer I was lead to believe the end times currency would be bullets or bottle caps.

Turns out its hand sanitizer and toilet paper.

What does a gamer say when they alt-tab by mistake?


Gamer Boy Bathwater For Sale

Underneath the Manhattan Bridge

During a zombie apocalypse

Normal Zombies: BRAAINNNNSSS!!
Vegetarian Zombies: GRAAINNNNSSS!!
Body Builder Zombies: GAAINNNNSSS!!
Plumber Zombies: DRAAINNNNSSS!!
Conductor Zombies: TRAAINNNNSSS!!
Weatherman Zombies: RAAINNNNSSS!!
Gamer Zombies: GAMMMMESSS!!
Depressed Zombies: PAINNNNSSS!! ...

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What does the gamer girl say after sex?

What does the gamer girl say after sex?


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What do pornstars and gamers have in common?

They both aim for the head

What did the gamer say when he took the COVID-19 vaccine?


Did you hear about the gamer who commit suicide while playing?

It was a first-person shooter.

What did one gamer say to the other in the shower

Get gud scrub

How do you tell a gamer from a car mechanic?

Ask them what HP means.

Why are American school kids the second best FPS gamers next to Koreans?

Because they learned how to dodge bullets in real life

What's the difference between a gamer and a pot of boiling water?

A pot of boiling water doesn't get salty when you put a tea-bag in it.

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What does a gamer call his ex-wife’s vagina?

His ex-box

This is Hoe We Role

*when normal people talk...*
**hey bro how's your family doing?**
*when gamers talk*...
**How's your tank? Which level? And yeah what happened to that MC world?**

What is a gamer's favorite snack?

Farm fresh cheese.

Just heard about someone selling their “Gamer-Girl bathwater”...

Guess you could call that trickle down economics.

What's the difference between a normal party and a gamer party?

One has more streamers.

A Gamers perspective of Reality.

Great graphics, terrible gameplay.

How do gamer guys pee?

Spray and Pray or split-stream

My board gamer friend said “I love Settlers”

Well duh, who else would marry him

What do you call a gamer with erectile disfunction?

A Try-Hard

Some gamers think that it's wrong to cheat...

but i think its down right left triangle up square down left square right circle cross

Why did the gamer refuse to join the Boy Scouts?

He hates camping

What do poor gamers and women have in common?

They both cry when they get beaten with a counter.

What do you call a bad Jewish gamer?


I told this gamer chick...

You wanna experience the fastest data transfer rate known to man?

She was very excited until I unzipped my pants.


Do you know how PC gamers always can beat console players if they play against each other?

They press the Win-key.

Raging Gamers

A recent survey conducted asked about a thousand 13-year old gamers what they had done last week.

92% said "your mum"

Why don't pc gamers get laid

Because they're micro-soft

What does a gamer look out for during match making?

Backwards Compatability

TIL Owen Wilson is a gamer.

His favourite game of all is WoW!

What is a gamers favourite fish


Maybe only ten percent of gamers will find this funny...

That's 1intendo.


Sony about that.


Why didn't the pc gamer cross the street ?

Because he's morbidly obese

Jesus was a gamer.

After respawning he went to the next level.

Gamers don't fly, they double jump

Out of the building

Bethesda: [Speech 50] This is a canvas bag! Gamers: Speech check failed.

Bethesda: Loads old save.

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A Gamer Just Died.

And his family are having the funeral for him. His girlfriend shows up and notices 2 japanese men in suits sitting in the front row.

After the eulogy, they all go into the cemetery to bury him and the odd men keep following. The girlfriend gets concerned and asks the gamers friend who they ar...

Gamers say video games don't encourage violence.

Yet this new Star Wars Battlefront has got everyone wielding pitchforks.

All gamers are bilingual...

They speak both English and Profanity.

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Why do gamers say "get shit on"?

Because they rectum

A gamer and a girl gamer were deeply in love, but they just couldn't find another

They were not on the same level.

Why was the pc gamer denied entry into the nightclub?

It was exclusive.

A group of gamers try to walk into a bar

*use wall hack*

What did the gamer eating pasta say?

Spaghottem bois.

The EA community team has now provided a feeling of pride and accomplishment to about 520,000 gamers...

By allowing us to Downvote them into Reddit hall of shame

What was the console gamer's New Years Resolution?


Why are EU gamers so serious about what they do?

Because they can’t be memers

What is it called when a gamer fights someone?

An Asthma attack.

An artist, a lawyer, and a gamer are discussing the merits of a mistress.

The artist tells of the passion, the thrill which comes with the risk of being discovered...

The lawyer warns of the difficulties. It can lead to guilt, divorce, bankruptcy. Not worth it. Too many problems.

The gamer says, "It's the best thing that's ever happened to me. My wife thinks...

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