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Twenty years ago, my friend made a website where you compare getting high from different drugs.

It was the original trip advisor.

Russia started a new website that tracks down and deletes pirated movies.


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I found a website with guaranteed real virgins [NSFW]

AI Image Generator

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I was furious when I found my wife's profile on an on-line dating website.

That lying bitch isn't, "Fun to be around."

I made a website for orphans.

Unfortunately it doesn't have a home page.

My job is hosting a dating website for insects…….

Don’t judge me. I’m just trying to make ants meet

What does my Grandma and a Modern website have in common?

Making me Accept the Cookies on every visit.

Reddit is the most eco-friendly website

Everything here gets reused a million times

Since Facebook claims ownership of everything you post on their website

I think I should start uploading my bills.

A new dating website has been taking Alabama by storm...

It's pretty uncommon in other places, so you may have heard of it. It's called OnlyFams.

I’ve made a website for depressed tennis players…

The servers are currently down...

Thinking about starting a cooking website for chefs of all cuisines and ethnic tastes to show their skills.

Going to call it OnlyPans.

I was just on a diabetes information website...

It asked if I would accept cookies. Is that a trick question?

I went online to order Oreos and the website errored

My VPN was rejecting cookies.

I went to a website about causes of obesity.

A window popped up that said ‘accept all cookies’. It all made sense.

I found a really good website for bipolar disorder.

Unfortunately it keeps going down randomly

What do you call a doctor who fixes websites?

A URL-ologist.

Kanye West has decided to creat his own social media website

It will be called “Hear Ye, hear Ye”

What website has the information on all DJs?

The wiki wiki

What's the most NSFW website on the internet?


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Why does my porn website have a share to google+ button?

...I dont want people to know I use google+

OnlyFans launched a new step sibling content adult website...

They call it OnlyFams!

I tried to sign up to a website yesterday. I put in the password 'beefstew'

But it said the password wasn't stroganoff.

If your mom was a website, what would she be

Public domain, cuz everyone uses her

I met my wife on a swingers website.

Which was an odd meeting as I didn’t know she had an account.

I built a website for kinky guitarists

It’s called FretLife

Website....We use cookies to improve performance.


Just been banned from a Christian dating website.

Apparently "Hung_Like_Jesus" isn't an appropriate user name!

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I just tried to set up an account on the Weight Watchers website.

Asked me "will you accept cookies?", the piss-taking bastards.

I found a website where non-binary people sell used items

It’s called eThey

You can buy, sell, or swap just about anything on the Gumtree website. I recently got a motorbike for my wife

Good trade, would recommend, 10/10

What is Josh Duggar's second favorite dating website after Ashley-Madison?


I found a website that steals jokes from Reddit.

I know they are doing it because I kept seeing variations of the same joke repeated over and over again.

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Watching movies on illegal websites are probably the hottest thing you can do.

I mean, why else would all these horny singles in my area be ready to chat.

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Just got a job working on PornHub's website

Now I'm always working hard

I went to the website for Oreos today

I hit "Accept All Cookies" and got nothing.

What is the best website find information about a DJ?


I wrote a bot script to get past website security

So far its managed to evade captcha

I made a website for Kids' jokes.

But for some reason people seem hesitant to go to kidslaughter.com

I'm starting a social media website for religious people with a lisp


All websites use cookies.

Except English websites. They use biscuits.

Grandmothers are like websites

They keep asking you to accept their cookies.

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I made a website full of sexy images of Archduke Ferdinand. It's called...


A website walks into a gun store

A website walks into a gun store and gets loaded.

What do you call a dating website for QAnon believers?










BTW it's about Cupid not stupid, just in case anyone gets offended lmao

I found a good website for conjunctivitis.

It's a site for sore eyes.

Never trust a website with purple terms and conditions.

They clearly violet your privacy.

What game character takes you to a website?


What do you call a website where you pay to look at pictures of Spanish desserts?


People that don't know the difference between two, to, and too should be banned from this website.

Their so freaking stupid!

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The government has decided to ban all alcohol adverts on pornography websites

When asked, an official commented:

'We made this decision for the wellbeing of the kids who watch it'

TIL Reddit has one of the most effective carbon offset programs of any website

Which is unsurprising considering /r/jokes consistently achieves a 100% recycle rate.

It seems to be discriminatory, but my State's COVID-19 vaccination scheduling website has given everyone with low IQs appointments for the same date next week.

February 29th.

99.99% of the people on this website are not smart

Glad I'm the 1%

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What do you call a website that steals all of Reddit's Hitler jokes?

Nein Gag.

Why did support group website for jealous husband use http?

Because they were insecure

What do you get when you combine an image board website and a popular puzzle game show?

Wheel of 4chan!

Want to know why this website is called reddit?

because, every time you read a post, you have already read it.

How do you call website, where you can watch online horror movies?

Screaming service

My friend and his wife found each other on a dating website,

Three years after marriage. That was awkward.

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So a girl browses for guys to date on a website

She demands three things: that he must never hurt her, that he will never run away, and that he must be very good in bed.

A while later, her doorbell rings and she answers the door. To her surprise, it was a man with no arms, no legs, just like Nick Vujicic.

He introduces himself: "Hi,...

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I realized that Tinder is the exact opposite of most websites in porn website ads.

There’s tons of hot single ladies in my area, but none of them want to fuck me.

A crafting website for people who have seizures


Did you hear about the new website most popular with Alabama THOTs?

Only Fam

I went to an adult website and searched for good Christian content.

Turns out it was all missionaries.

There's a new website that hosts videos of people playing brass instruments.


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[NSFW] A porn website reviewer finally found a website he can give a 10/10 rating

Since then, he's been gushing with enthusiasm.

I created a website for unfinished t's, i's, and j's.


I just realized why adult websites have a bunch of incest recently.

Everyone is clicking on 'Show more related videos'.

All these websites asking me to accept these cookies...

But I still haven’t gotten even one of them!

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Man, I got banned from a dating website because I broke the "no dicks, boobs or asshole pictures" rule.

I didn't notice Trump on TV in the background.

On the website ETSY, I bought a wallet made out of a FleshLight.

Obviously, I've recently come into some money.

CDC website: new free online COVID-19 test available

How it works is like this: you visit the site with your phone, you spit on the camera lens and then send them that picture--and just from that photo, they can tell if you're an idiot.

It's a bit ironic a website filled with people that don't read the articles

is called "Reddit"

I’m at war with this website

And you just reddit here first

Man, I hate it when the date picker for my birthday on a website starts with the current date.

Do they think that I was born yesterday?

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I'm gonna make an adult website for gardeners

it's gonna be called hydropornic

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I'm thinking about starting a donation website for men who can't afford Viagra

I was going to call it "Dick starter"

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What's the most important website for every computer geek for all his problems?


What does a website for orphans look like?

Pretty empty, there’s not even a homepage.

Whats Super Mario's Favorite Website?


What do Amazon Prime and a fanfiction website have in common?

Free shipping!

A new study just showed that reddit is one of the most environmentally friendly websites.

Everything they promote is recycled garbage.

To celebrate the launch of the new website we are offering one lucky winner $50 in cash or a meal for 2 at an Elvis Presley tribute.

Just comment '1' for the money or '2' for the show.

What do you call a website without net neutrality?

<Please upgrade to Reddit Gold Package™ to read this post>

I'm launching a pirating website.

It has two games: a treasure hunting game called "X Marrrrrrks the Spot" and a naval warfare game called "Take No Prisonerrrrrrs." It also has lots of free movies you can download and watch.

All the movies have 3.14 stars.

TIL wooden shoe failure is responsible for multiple deaths each year in the Netherlands. The incidents are archived on this government website.

The Broken Clog Croakin' Blog

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I ordered an extra large T-shirt from an online Roman website.

They sent me fucking forty regular.

Reddit's website was down yesterday.

And nobody had any idea what to do. There were no profits to be made while Reddit was down. Most of the workers had either gone home or were sitting at their desks doing nothing. The executives started losing it. They had already lost several thousand dollars of ad revenue from a lack of clicks. The...

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Surely a robot can figure out how to tick a box on a website saying "I am not a robot""

I watched Terminator 2 and one of the fuckers flew a helicopter.

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Starbucks announced they will soon block porn websites from their public access Wifi

Good thing all I need is that two-tailed mermaid.

TIFU by downloading a movie from an arabic website. The language was dubbed.

And before you all go on saying wrong sub, well, yes, that was arabic too.

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I made a username called "My Dick" on a website.

The website said that it wasn't long enough.

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I once read a sexual health website that recommended men stick their dick in an oven...

I thought to myself, "Now that's a hot tip"

I am going to start a website to review Vietnamese restaurants.

It's going to be called Friend or Pho.

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Got called a homophone after leaving a bad review on a store's website.

Look, eye don't care who cells the product. If it brakes, I won't by it with my hard urned cache!

TIL there's a website that recycles 98% of its pages.


I made a website for orphans as well.

But you need your parents’ permission before going online.

I just finished designing a website for an orphanage

You need your parents permission to access the site...

I think someone is trying to kill me, so I Googled him and when I got to his website my heart stopped

It wants to know my location!

I want to start an online donation website for my cocaine and hookers habit.

I'm going to call it GoBlowMe

What do you call a French website hosting multiple chat rooms?

A *chat*eau.

I found a good website for sausage making...

I’ll be sure to send you the link

A women stopped me in the coffee shop the other day claiming she met me through a vegetarian-only dating website...

but I had never met herbivore.

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I was on a porn website. An ad popped up, saying, 'I'm a hot, sexy girl that lives in your area and I want a thick, hard penis...'

I thought, 'You should probably see a surgeon about that.'

Farmers Only is the dating website for farmers. What’s the hook-up site?


A high quality post on a website with active comment section

*Top Comment *
Thank you for the gold stranger

I got rich by creating an anonymous imageboard website.

I made a 4chan.

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