What do You Call Tortilla Chips With Guns?

Loaded Nachos

What's a cannibals favorite thing to eat with tortilla chips?

People de gallo.

I've just written a song about tortillas,

actually, it’s more of a rap.

What kind kind of triangle is a tortilla chip?

An i-salsa-les triangle

What did the tortilla say to the depressed cow?

Wanna taco ‘bout it?

Tortilla chips

So, a guy walks into a mexican restaurant and takes a seat. Before he gets to order a his food, the bowl of tortilla chips in front of him says "Hey, you're a handsome fellow."

The man tries to ignore the chips and orders a soda. The chips says "Ooooh that drink is delicious. Great c...

I'm opening a floating restaurant on a houseboat where we sell ice cream tacos, and our mascot is a gorilla dressed like an ancient Mongolian warrior.

I call it "Attila Gorilla's Vanilla Tortilla Flotilla"

What do tortillas sing at birthday parties?

Fajita jolly good fellow.

What does a tortilla like to listen to the most?

Wrap music!

Why do tortillas get such a bad wrap?

Because they are so corny.

What you call a crocodile covered with tortillas?

A tacodile

What rhymes with Tortilla?

I'm making a rap.

If you love tortilla chips and cheese,

I'm nacho man

You won't go to prison for punching a tortilla...

But you might get a wrap on the knuckles.

How do you get a baby in a bowl?

A blender.

How do you get it out?

Tortilla chips.

Did y'all hear the one about the tortilla song?

Don't have source, but now that I think about it, it may have been a rap

I was just walking down the street when I passed a tortilla chip, covered in cheese. A bit farther on, I saw another. And then a pair of them. Then three more... then I realized what was going on.


Imagine Hollywood is making a feature film about creating the perfect meal

In the first act of the movie, they go through many trials and tribulations to decide on what bread they should use. Eventually they decide on tortilla

The second act, they’re now plotting on what should go IN the bread. Meat, veggies, maybe neither.

Finally, the third act. now they j...

A friend of mine has never had Mexican before....

So I took him to a nearby food truck that had a delicious assortment of options. He went up to the food truck owner.

Friend: Hi I have never had Mexican before. I was wondering if you can describe what some of these are.

Food truck owner: Certainly sir! Which would you like to know ab...

So I attended a salsa class today

The instructor says to everyone: "Alright folks, who's ready to learn how to dance??"

I realized that there was a misunderstanding, and ran off with my bag of tortilla chips

I made a song about a tortilla.

[Well actually, it's more of a wrap.](http://i.imgur.com/Clj36.jpg)

This joke may contain profanity. 🤔

4 jokes you shouldn't laugh at but you still do ..... NSFW I guess

Reddit give me your worst most racist/sexist/dirtiest joke that you know you shouldn't laugh at but you still do. I'll start off with a few of my favorites:

Q: what do you call 5 black men hanging in a tree?
A: Mississippi wind chime

Q: why do women wear white on their wedding day?<...

Just came off a job filming an advert for Mexican food.

I thought the last shot was of some tortillas, but as we finished, the director shouted, 'That's a wrap.'

[long] Another blond guy joke...

Three best friends worked in construction together on the same crew. They were working on the 20th floor of a building when they stopped for their lunch break. They sat on the edge of the building, legs dangling over the edge, enjoying the view as they ate their lunches.
Guido opened his lunch ...

From my 8yo daughter: What do you call a boat made out of corn?

A: A tortilla ship!

Six blind elephants gathered around a human to find out what a human is like.

The first elephant put his leg on the human and said "A human is like a Mexican tortilla."

The rest of the elephants agreed.

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