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I'm the laziest baker ever, so I was actually happy when someone stole my sourdough.

Whoever it was, I'm sure they knead it more than I did.

I tried to make Indian sourdough

But that was a naan starter

Why did the Sourdough Man break up with the Baker?

He didn't feel kneaded anymore.

If I can't resist eating sourdough bread, but it gives me incredible indigestion....

Does that make me a sourdough-masochist?

A thief was recently arrested for stealing loaves of sourdough...

He was caught bread-handed

I came up with a get rich quick scheme to sell Indian sourdough bread you bake at home

...but it turned out that plan was a Naan starter.


My wife is making her infamous pickled bread this Thanksgiving. She uses that dill dough....

Somebody was trying to argue with me that sourdough was better than ciabatta...

I can't believe baguettry exists in today's times.

Motel Coronavirus

Motel Coronavirus

On a dim dreary morning

Ceiling fan stirs the air

Stale beer and Doritos

Littered next to my chair

Just outside of my window

Saw a glimmer of light

My eyes were bloodshot and my head pounding

I hadn't slept all last ni...

What do you call a loaf of grumpy bread?


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