I cant think of anything to post for my cakeday

I guess just i'll dessert it

What do you call it when a redditor tries to get karma without posting real content?

Cake day

How do you get a fat girl into bed?

Piece of cake

It's my cakeday, so figured I'd tell this joke (game grumps told this joke)

What is a Jedi's Favourite Italian dessert...


Why did the chicken cross the road?

To find people who care about its cake day.

I cannot believe no ones come up with a cure for anorexia yet.

I thought it would be a piece of cake!

Birthday cake

A little girl is walking to the zoo with her mom when they pass by 2 dogs in a yard screwing.

"Mama! Look at those dogs! What are they doing?"

"Don't worry, sweetie, they're just making a birthday cake."


After they get to the zoo, they go to see the monkeys...

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[NSFW] Baking cakes

A teenage boy wants to have sex with his girlfriend, but tells his parents that she's coming over to help him bake cakes while they're at work.

After doing the deed and spending some time with her, he walks her home before returning to his own house, his younger brother having arrived home i...

Why do redditors feel warmer on their cake day?

Because people keep toasting them! Or roasting them :(

Freddie Mercury offered to cater my wedding, so I asked him how many cakes he’d be making.

He said “I want to bake three.”

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What is the worst part about your cake day?

No one gives a fuck.

If brown cake tastes like chocolate and white cake tastes like vanilla, what does yellow cake taste like?


Why did Helen of troy hate her wedding cake

It was to Menilayas

Feeling like a cake right now


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Cake day

Every morning, at precisely 7:00 AM, my neighbor knocks upon my door, looking to borrow some milk. And every morning, I cheerfully greet him and oblige. At the end of the week my neighbor brings me a new bottle of milk to replace the milk he has consumed. Then for the next week, I give him milk f...

A cake in an oven

Society needs to stop discriminating, we don’t question a baker having a cake in the oven but as soon as I put 4 children and 2 horses in a volcano im the bad guy

Why are birthday cakes with emos on them the best kind?

They cut themselves

I get more attention on my reddit cake day than I do on my real birthday

Wait that's not funny.

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Baking one cake doesn’t make you a baker...

But if you fuck ONE horse...

A man named 'That' really loved cakes.

Once he fell into a campfire while eating his favorite cake.

>**That** got dark real quick.


cake story

A guy goes into a bakery and asks for a cake in the shape of a letter B. He comes back to pick it up the next day, and says, “Oh, I’m sorry, I totally forgot to tell you I wanted it to be a lower case B. I’ll pay for this one, but could you redo it as a lower-case?” The baker says, “Hey, that’s okay...

To make a Real sponge cake

Borrow all the ingredients.........

Birthday cake

Patient: “Doctor, I get heartburn every time I eat birthday cake.”

Doctor: “Next time, take off the candles.”

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A mother sends her little son out to get some edible silver balls for the top of a birthday cake...

The son misunderstands, and comes back with a bag of very small steel ball bearings. Being so tiny, nobody notices them as they're swallowed from the top of the cake. That is, until next morning...

The elder daughter comes downstairs and says "Mum, I was so uncomfortable this morning. I had...

Patient: I seem to be seeing cream cakes in the corner of my eye

Doctor: that's just your profiterole vision

Why couldn’t the dragon eat his birthday cake?

He destroyed it while trying to blow out the candles.

Why didn't the Germans have any cakes at Christmas

Because they were all stollen

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I bought a cake that looks like a pair of breasts.

So I can have my cake and eat tit.

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Baking a cake(oldie but a goodie)

So a mom and her young daughter are walking through the park one day and over in the bushes they see two people making love the daughter goes
"mommy mommy what are those two people doing?"
The mom thinking quickly says "they are baking a cake honey"
The next day the mother and daughter go t...

The germans really need to tighten-up on their cake security

at this time of year a heck of a lot of it is stollen.

A kindly old man is walking by the seaside when he sees three lovely young ladies crying their eyes out.

So he says, "Dear me, you poor things, so miserable on such a lovely day as this! Come and have a cup of tea and let's see if we can't make you feel better."

Won over by his twinkly-eyed charm, the three young ladies manage to dry their eyes and they follow him to a chintzy little seaside c...