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So a pirate walks into a bar and sits down next to a man.

The man says, “How did you get your peg leg?”

The pirate says, “A cannon blew me leg straight off.”

The man asks, “How did you get your hook?”

The pirate says, “I lost it in a sword fight.”

The man asks,” How did you get your eye patch?”

The pirate says,” I was loo...

Bills to pay

Frank and Gary are getting off work on Friday evening, and Gary says, "Hey Frank, I'm going drinking with a buddy. You should join us!'

Frank hesitates a moment, and says, "don't think I should. I've got bills to pay."

Next Friday rolls around and Gary says to Frank, "Hey Frank, you sh...

The tale of Thanksgiving.

It's that time of year, so raise a cheer, here's to drinking beer and shooting deer. Here's to friends who are sincere and friends who will endear. When others appear we give them a leer, but not so severe that they leave out of fear. We send pioneers to explore the frontier, and they return bearing...

A procrastinator and a depressed man walk into a bar...

Depressed man: I'm driving straight off a bridge tonight.

Procrastinator: I've been telling myself that for weeks.

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