No one understands the importance of milliseconds, more than a volunteer firefighter.

It's the amount of time they have between meeting you, and telling you they are a volunteer firefighter.

Pravda news from April 27th 1986

Glorious Soviet technology allowed workers at Chernobyl power plant to complete five year plan of power production in mere five milliseconds.

I heard there's a machine that can make cocaine in less than 4 milliseconds!

I believe it's called the Instagram.

This joke may contain profanity. 🤔

Superman was cruising the stratosphere

...when he spied Wonder Woman apparently sunbathing nude, lying on her back on a remote beach. Admiring her stunning beauty, he thought to himself, "I bet I could fly down and with my super speed, have my way with her and be gone before she noticed a thing." So he flew down and 10 milliseconds la...

I was walking down 5th avenue...

When I saw a dog approaching an intersection.

"Love!!" Someone shouted behind me, I turned to look and saw a man sprinting towards the dog. A car was just meters away from hitting the dog, and the dog stood there like a deer caught in the headlights. Milliseconds before impact, the man grabbe...

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