JonesTown Massacre

Do you know why you never hear any jokes about the JonesTown Massacre?

.......The punchline is too long!

What did Vito Corleone's brother Frank say when rival fishermen sabotaged his gear?

"Look how they massacred my buoy!"

Once upon a time there was an egg...

This egg was very smart, even at a very young age he decided to be the most successful chicken in the world! During his chick years he was so hardworking and competitive that he was always top of the class and graduated a couple of months younger than his peers. Of course, naturally he was accepted ...

I think the girl I just met may be a goddess...

because even though she's never talked to me, later tonight billions will be massacred by my hand in her name.

It's a Bacon tree

An general and his army are on the way to a battle 3 counties over and are looking for a place to rest. A foreigner standing on top of the hill stops the general and points down the hill.

"No go there. It's Bacon Tree"

The general and his men look at each other look at the foreigner a...

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