A guy calls his local butchery...

- Do you have chicken paws?
- Yes
- Do you have chicken wings?
- Yes, I do
- Do you have pig's head?
- Sure
- You must look really funny then

A man walked into a butchery that specialized in exotic meats.

...he immediately began browsing the shelves, but to his surprise, all he could find were ground-pork sausages. He approached the butcher.

"I thought you were supposed to have rare and exotic meats!" He shouted.

"We do," replied the butcher, "look around you."

The man glanced ar...

A guy only knows three words in English

(This is translated from Arabic)
Jeff knows only three English words, chopped, a little more and yes.
He goes to the fruit market, “is this enough?” Says the guy working there. Jeff replies “with a little more,”
Jeff then goes to the butchery, “how would you like your meat sir?”...

Cow Jokes

What do you call a cow with only two legs? Lean Beef.

What do you call a cow with no legs? Ground Beef.

Two cows are grazing in the field. One cow says to the other, "Hey Dorris, you worried about this Mad-Cow Disease epidemic?" The other cow turns and says, "Why would I be? I'm a chic...

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