killcrimeassassinationbloodshedrwandaexterminationethnic groupmassacremurderslaughterbloodbathcriminalatrocitiescrimesmassacres

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Why did Hitler turn to genocide after a failed career as an artist?

He never learned to mix the colors

The person who caused the Tour de France crash should be arrested and charged with genocide.

She tried to take out an entire race.

What would it be called if mass genocide were committed against Russians?

The alcoholocaust.

I tried to tell an Armenian genocide joke in Istanbul.

Nobody got it.

What do you call two people who are about to commit a genocide?


I once watched a documentary about a Russian leader who ruled the Soviet Union and led the Red Terror genocide...

...I thought it was about their current president but it turns out, he's not that Vlad.

Why does Turkey deny armenian genocide?

Because they can't accept the failure - Kardashians are still alive

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If abortion is murder

Is jerking off genocide?

What separates a good genocide joke from a bad?

Its execution!

Why would the Higgs Boson feel unsafe in a country where the leader openly practiced genocide?

It would be a land of mass-murder

an old one but a good one.

Why don’t native Americans like April?
Because April showers bring May flowers and Mayflowers bring Pilgrims and genocide.

What’s the difference between a turkey and Turkey?

A turkey wouldn’t commit genocide against innocent people

If April showers bring May flowers, then what do May Flowers bring?


What's really big and smells bad?


I don't like teachers who make me calculate with humans.

They commit math genocide on a daily basis.

Have ya ever noticed....

Have ya ever noticed:

“Committed murder”

“Committed genocide”

“Committed relationship”

No wonder men have so many issues with commitment.

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There are more Jews than Native Americans...

I guess genocide is just one more thing Americans are better at than Germans

What side of the earth were Europeans best at exploring?


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Hitler, Pol pot and George W Bush were...

together in hell sitting around a campfire. They are telling each other stories from the time they were alive and having a great time laughing over the evil things they have done.

As the night goes on, they get into a discussion about who might be the vilest, most evil and most universally ...

a chicken walks into a bar

A chicken walks into a bar and sits down. As the bartender approaches the chicken, he can see that the chicken's eyes are bloodshot and that the chicken seems to have a nervous shake. The bartender asks the chicken if he's alright, and the chicken says he's fine. So the bartender asks the chicken wh...

How do you think burning sperm would smell like?


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What was hitlers favorite drink?


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Why'd the Nazi cross the Jews?

To get to the genocide!

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There once was an evil queen...

This queen was a dreadful ruler, but it was primarily because, like superman, she was an extra terrestrial being practically immortal, and superior to the human race she conquered. She'd make continents(ignoring Antarctica) compete in building large sculptures of her and the last place sculpture wou...

If 'Blasian' is the mix of Asian and black, what do you get when you mix white and Indian?


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