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Women are the only physical entity that defy the laws of gravitation.

Increase in mass does not lead to an increase in the force of attraction.

I experienced gravitational waves today...

Yo mama walked passed me and nearly pulled me into orbit!

Scientists detected gravitational waves directly for the first time

Your mom's gonna get half the Nobel prize.
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Yo Mama so fat, You can hide behind her back and still be visible...

Because of Gravitational Lensing.

I noticed a nuclear fusion reactor the other day in my backyard.

While in my backyard the other day, I noticed a large gravitationally confined plasma thermo-nuclear fusion reactor. Being an engineer, I saw that it was radiating huge amounts of energy at very high velocity in the form of incredibly high frequency transversely polarized Maxwellian electromagnetic ...

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I am objectively attractive

According to Newton's law of universal gravitation, mass attracts mass.

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The Drunk and the Bum

There was a drunk and a bum. The drunk said, “you can jump off a building and pop back up to the top.”
Bum said, “no way. If you jump off a building you will die.” So the drunk took the bum to the tallest building in the city. Jumped off the building and popped back up to the top. Not a scratch o...

It is very wrong to ask a woman how much she weighs. (xpost from r/showerthoughts)

Weight depends on the gravitational force of the planet you are on. You should ask her how massive she is.

The more you weigh, the more attractive you are.

Gravitationally speaking.

Your mom is very attractive...

...mainly due to her massive gravitational pull.

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At the beginning of time two schools were created.

One was Matter High, the other Antimatter High. Each was tasked with creating the fundamental laws that would define the growth and existence of the universe.

Students at Matter High developed Gravitation, Strong Attraction, Weak Attraction, and Electromagnetism.

Students at Antimatt...

Yo mama's so fat she's attractive....

…. gravitationally

[Nerd Joke] Yo momma's so fat she sees red lights as green...

...Doctors call this colour blindness, physicists call it gravitational blue-shift.

Your momma is so fat

Her gravitational field is ridiculously strong making her literally attractive

When I met your Mom I was extremely attracted to her because

that's how large object gravitational fields work.

What makes overweight people so attractive?

They have a strong gravitational pull.

People are strongly attracted to yo momma

because of her gravitational force.

A Level Physics lmao

Why was the physicist studying gravitational fields so much more handsome than the one studying electrical fields?

Electrical Fields are repulsive sometimes, but Gravitational Fields are always attractive.

I have a confession to make. I'm attracted to children.

Gravitationally speaking.

I am not fat...

I am just horizontally challenged ... or gravitationally significant.

Your mama is so fat...

If you and I stood ten feet from her and you walked to her then walked back to me I would have aged 20 years due to gravitational time dilation.

You remind me of a beautiful star in the night sky...

You each have your own gravitational pull.

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