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I know a joke about spacetime.

Though itโ€™s not the place or time to tell.

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The year: 2029. A brilliant scientist is constructing the first sentient artificial intelligence.

He's working out of his garage in San Francisco, living on charitable donations from his worried friends. He dropped out of college when he realized he could change the world โ€” there's no going back; his life is dedicated to this project. At first, he is met with failure upon failure. But then, he r...

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Sigmund Freud sits down for tea with his mother..

Sigmund Freud is sitting down for a cup of tea with his dear mother, who has her nose in a book. She gasps, and Freud asks why. And so she responds: "why, Siggy, according to these scientists, our universe is only one of many! We live in parallel with millions of other realities where everything tha...

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Yo mama so fat

She has more curves than spacetime in the presence of a large mass.

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