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Why is C afraid of the other letters?

Because They're all nazis


I played CS:GO in Antarctica

My computer kept freezing

For a cosplay convention, I decided to dress up as a T from CS:GO

Don't know why everybody left really quickly when I came.

What do you call an Egyptian god who sucks at CS:GO?


What will happen if you play CS:GO with Putin?

He'll Russia.

Why did the CS major quit his job?

He didn't get arrays.

What happens when a CS:GO streamer experiences psychological trauma ?

They use a 360-no-scoping mechanism.

A French internet cafe had to cancel a CS:GO tournament it was supposed to host, after someone stole all the baked goods.

The gamers said the baguette loss was intolerable.

My computer kept overheating while playing CS:GO

I had to stop to give it a quick de_dust.

A CS student studying recursion walks into a bar


A student asks CS professor: did your years of studying computer science ever helped you in your life?

Professor replies: oh yes, for sure, computer science did help me in my life. One day I'd get my socks from the laundry and they were all mixed up in a big pile of socks. But then I remembered that I knew QuickSort and sorted them in O(n log n) time.

What does Hillary do when she loses a game of CS:GO?

She blames the Russians.

Arthur C Clarke, CS Lewis & JRR Tolkien walk into a bar...

Clarke, Lewis and Tolkien walk into a bar arguing about how characters should travel.

Clarke says they should take a spaceship and Tolkien says they should walk. Lewis says that can just step through a wardrobe.

When asked how that's possible Lewis says "Narnia business"

CS:GO and Roulette are quite similar

They are both fun until you add Russian

What does a successful CS:GO bettor spend the money on?


The CS:GO Joke.

In a COMP match in CSGO how many people does Olofmeister kill?

Cs go joke

How many CS GO silver ranked players does it take to fix a light bulb.

None cause they cant climb the ladder ahahahahahaha

Why do pirates listen to opera music?

Because they love the high Cs.

Ole and Sven go to Hell

Ole and Sven, ignoring the -60 degree windchill warnings, froze to death while ice fishing in northern Minnesota and descend to Hell.

Coming to check on his new arrivals from up North, Satan is surprised to find Ole and Sven enjoying themselves, finally removing coats and hats that they've ...

Joke from my 3 year old daughter

I was putting my daughter to bed tonight and she told me she had a joke for me.

What kind of bat knows the A, B, Cs?

The alphaBAT

How do pirates spell Thicc?

With seven Cs.

How thicc is the world?

Thiccccccc with 7 Cs

What did the pirate get on his report card?

Seven Cs!

What's a pirate's favorite letter?


You'd think it'd be R but they love the Cs!

What are the ten letters of the Pirate alphabet?

I, I, R, and the seven Cs.

Aldi recently copied Lidl's idea to reduce their prices on courgettes, cucumbers, carrots, celery, celeriac, cabbage and cauliflower, and now they're being fined for breaking piracy laws.

It's because they sale'd the seven Cs.

Why is it easy to get into a pirate college?

Because you only need high Cs

Banker: Okay, all I need now is your PostCode? Pirate: Sure, that’s CCC-CCCC

Banker: Sorry, Was that Six or Seven Cs?

[OC] How are mods like bees?

They're not-Cs

What do you call a nap in computer science class?

A CS-ta

A son has just gotten his report card, it's not good....

"Hello father, here's my report card....", the son says.
"All Cs!" His father is furious. "Son, if you don't improve your grades by next term I will disown you....if you don't get As, I don't want you to call me father any more!" term comes and goes.....the son gets his ...

A girl and a csgo map

Baby, if you were a CS:GO map you would be de_stroyed.

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