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I have an RNA joke for Taylor Swift

But I'm afraid it might get lost in the translation.

What did the RNA do when it got cold?

It put its codon.

What did DNA say to RNA?

No U

Thymine is a nitrogenous base found in RNA.

No U.

Damm girl, I wish I was RNA polymerase II

so I could unzip your jeans just long enough to shoot one out and leave.

A friend of mine told me that a mutation while making his mRNA caused a stop codon to be created in place of a regular codon.

I said, “That’s nonsense!”

Why do scientists think messenger RNA hates Polyadenylation?

Because the RNA leaves going AAAAAAA!

What did the DNA say to the mRNA?

"I'm better without U."

Amazing Really

A man spills a new RNA virus on himself and immediately begins turning into corn. He rushes into the doctors office and says "help me doc, can you do something about it?!"

The doctor says, "I have a theory on what we can do".

The man says, "I'm all ears."

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