A husband and wife who worked for the circus went to an adoption agency. The social workers there raised doubts about their suitability.

The couple then produced photos of their 50-foot motor home,
which was clean and well maintained and equipped with a beautiful nursery.

The social workers then raised concerns about the education
a child would receive while in the couple's care.

"We've arranged for a full-time ...

How many Social Workers does it take to change a light bulb?

One. But fifteen to write a report about surviving in darkness.

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A lawyer, priest and social worker

A lawyer, priest and a social worker all on a sinking ship,
Social worker: save the children !!!
Lawyer: no ! Fuck the children !
The priest: ohh do you think we have time

A social worker from a big city.....

.....recently transferred to the sticks in south Georgia and was on the first tour of her new territory when she came upon the tiniest cabin she had ever seen in her life.

Intrigued, she went up and knocked on the door.

'Anybody home?' she asked.

'Yep,' came a kid's voice thr...

What's the difference between God and a social worker?

God doesn't pretend to be a social worker

Why is a social worker like a bra ?

Both work for upliftment of downtrodden masses

One social worker asks another "What time is it?"

The second replies, "I don't know, I'm not wearing a watch."

The first says, "That's OK, the important thing is we talked about it."

A lawyer, priest, and social worker are on a ship that hits an iceberg...

The captain comes over the intercom: "Everyone please make your way to the lifeboats".
The social worker yells out: "Women & children first!"
The lawyer starts pushing his way towards the boats: "Screw the children!"
The priest responds: "Do we have time?"

Two social workers are walking....

Two social workers are walking down a path and find a beaten up man. He is bloody, bruised, and obviously struggling for life. One social worker looks to the other one and says, "The man who did this needs our help.".

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An unkempt teenager with his pants hanging half off his bottom walked into the local welfare office to pick up his welfare payment.

He marched up to the counter and said,

"Hi. You know, I just H A T E drawing welfare. I'd really rather have a job.. I don't like taking advantage of the system, getting something for nothing."

The social worker behind the counter said "Your timing is excellent. We Just got a job ope...

An old man, a schoolboy, a lawyer, a doctor, and a community service worker are all on a plane with only four parachutes when...

The pilot of the plane has a stroke and passes away. As the plane plummets its passengers to death the five members of the aircraft argue over who deserve to have the four bags containing the parachutes.

Social Worker: I deserve to live because I protect vulnerable children and support famili...

A woman walks into the Social Worker's office, trailed by 15 kids

WOW, the social worker exclaims, Are they ALL yours?

Yeah they're all mine, the flustered mother sighs, having heard that question a thousand times before. She says, Sit down Terry. All the children rush to find seats.

Well, says the social worker, 'then you must be here to sign up. I'...

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A social worker, a politician and a priest are on the titanic as it starts to sink

A social worker, a politician and a priest are on the titanic as it starts to sink.

The social worker cries "We must save the children!"

The politican growls "Fuck the children!"

The priest gets a glimmer in his eyes and says "Oooh, do you think we'll have time?"

Two Newfie brothers, Bob and Tom, go to the unemployment office one day.

After hours of standing in line, Bob is called in to speak with a social worker.

The social worker asks him "What is your occupation?"

Bob replies "I'm a diesel fitter."

The social worker informs Bob that she just happens to know of a trucking company that is hiring for this pos...

A guy is standing in the street shouting out "I am God. I am God."

The police call a social worker who comes over to see if he can help,
Walking up to the guy he asks "What is your name?" "I am God." the guy replies getting agitated..
The social worker says "Calm down. Why don't we go into this coffee shop, sit down and have a talk.
As soon as they ...

An apple a day keeps the doctor away.

But au pair a day keeps the social workers away.

A businessman was interviewing applicants for the position of manager of a large division...

He quickly devised a test for choosing the most suitable candidate. He simply asked each applicant this question, "What is two plus two?"

The first interviewee was a journalist. His answer was, "Twenty-two".

The second was a social worker. She said, "I don't know the answer but I'm v...

Oscar came from a rough home... (from the r/baseball jokes thread)

His dad was cruel, and an alcoholic. Oscar had to wear long sleeves in the summer to hide the bruises. And his mother wasn't better off.

One fateful day, Oscar's mom made the soup too spicy, and dad started beating her with a cast iron skillet. Hearing his mother's screams and figuring this w...

So the Chicago Cubs have a new mascot...

... and you can find Clark's bio [here](http://chicago.cubs.mlb.com/chc/fan_forum/clark.jsp). While it talks about Clakr's "great-grandbear Joa" it doesn't mention any of his other family members, nor the real reason why he is the new mascot.

At a regular checkup, a zoo member noticed some b...

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