Geoff: How did you get that swelling on your nose?

Bob: I bent down to smell a brose in the garden.

Geoff: Eh? There's no 'b' in rose

Bob: There was in this one...

This joke may contain profanity. 🤔

After two weeks on a desert island with only each other for company, Bob and Geoff are getting horny..

"Look," says Bob, "Neither of us are gay, but if you pretend to be a women for me, when I'm done, I'll pretend to be a woman for you."

Geoff reluctantly agrees and suffers 10 minutes of painful humiliation as Bob fucks him up the arse. When it's over, Geoff asks Bob for his go.

"Fuck o...

Geoff went to the psychiatrist

He's very nervous and clearly embarrassed, so the psychiatrist allows him time to settle and asks what the problem is.

Geoff answers "I know it's ridiculous, but all my life I've been afraid of there being monsters under my bed. It started when I was 5 but I just never got over it. I'm 40 yea...

"Is anybody here named Jeff?"

Jeff: "Yes."

Geoff: "Yeos."

This joke may contain profanity. 🤔

Lie detector robot

So a Dad builds a lie detecting robot that slaps anyone when they lie. He's been suspicious of what his son has been up to lately.

So they are sitting at the dinner table, the mum, the dad, the son, and the robot.
The dad asks his son "So where were you last night?"
The son replies "I w...

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