For Americans - let me break down today's Glenn Maxwell cricket innings from Australia

Australia is a country and a continent.

On The Walking Dead, Glenn said "I will find you."

I guess he's gonna keep an eye out for her.

Tom, Glenn and Scott were working on a high rise building project

Glenn fell off and was instantly killed.

As the ambulance took the body away, Scott said, "Someone should go and tell his wife."

Tom says, "OK, I'm pretty good at that sensitive stuff, I'll do it."

Two hours later, Tom came back carrying a 6-pack. Scott asked, "Where did you get...
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What is Glenn's (The Walking Dead) favorite restaurant? ***SPOILERS***


What did Glenn say to Maggie at the baseball game?

I'll keep an eye out for you!

Do you know what the real letdown about John Glenns death is?

It's the second time that Yuri Gagarin beat him to it.

Donald Trump is the most unifying voice in American politics.

When was the last time Barack Obama, Paul Ryan, Jon Stewart, Glenn Beck, Bernie Sanders, George Bush, Elizabeth Warren, Mitt Romney, Bill Clinton, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Al Gore, John McCain, and Hillary Clinton all agreed on anything?

Are you a parking ticket?

"Because you got fine written all over you."

-Glenn Quagmire

P.S. heh heh, ohh riggght.

A man in Shanghai named Sam wakes up one morning to find...

A man in Shanghai named Sam wakes up one morning to find that his car, a Mustang, has had all the internal components removed, leaving only a hollow, useless shell. He calls the police and soon an investigative team arrives.

The lead investigator approaches the victim and says "It appear...

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