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Why are do many audiophiles work in the canning industry?

Because they can tuna fish.

What do you call a Parisian who enjoys canning cucumbers?

A French Pickler.

I had a job canning drinks at a factory but have recently quit

It was soda pressing

Why is it called "canning" if it's storing things in glass containers and not cans?

Because renaming it at this point would be jarring.

I was slightly traumatized while canning some food.

It was a jarring experience.

Some people are into canning this time of year

But I find it to be a rather jarring experience.

The beverage factory

Steve just got a job at the beverage factory and is getting a tour from the manager on his first day. The manager spends this time explaining the different assembly lines.

"Over here," the manager says, "is the lemonade assembly line. we take the product, package it up and prepare it to ship....

Why did the pervert buy 16.5 pints of salsa?

[2 gals 1 cup](http://www.reddit.com/r/Canning/comments/yyhsp/my_20_trip_to_the_local_latin_market_netted_165/)

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