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I used to do fine arts, until I decided I didn’t like the arts.

Now I’m doing just fine.

What did the Arts major say to the Science major?

Do you want fries with that?

What did the Arts student say to the Science student

Why did I waste 3 years of my life?

What did the law graduate say to the arts graduate?

"I'd like a big mac meal with a coke please"

What did the arts museum acquisitions director say to the cultural benefactor and collector of early Renaissance paintings?


With all this spare time on their hands people are going to start pursuing their passions. I wouldn't be surprised to sudden explosion in the arts, a renewal in scientific interest, and a mass proliferation of original content.

A coronaissance, if you will.

What's the difference between an Engineering student and an Arts student when tying their shoes?

The arts student gets a mark for it.

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