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Never invest in Egyptian archaeology

It's a pyramid scheme


Is groundbreaking

I have an archaeology exam tomorrow

And it doesn't matter if I pass or fail because either way...

My future's in ruins.

I went to an archaeology party where the game was looking for a lower leg bone.

It was a real shindig.


Archaeologists recent found the oldest known jawbone, some 200,000 years old. They determined it is female.

They know it's female........because it's still moving!

Can I start digging?

Society: No wtf that's grave robbing.

[waits an hour]

How about now?

Society: Ok, now it's archaeology.

I asked my friend what was his major to which he replied, "archaeology"

And I said, "then you have a career in ruins"

This joke may contain profanity. 🤔

I've lost interest in dating

I decided to tell my therapist that archaeology just wasn't my thing anymore.

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