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Some people like root vegetables...

Some people don't really carrot all

This is my only pun about root vegetables

but I keep hoping another one will turnip

What is the world’s most influential root vegetable?

Rupert Burdock

What is almost the coolest root vegetable of them all?


What do root vegetables do at tha club?


I planted some root vegetables in my yard.

We'll see what turnips.

This joke may contain profanity. 🤔

The Man who could only Drink Milk

I know an old man who had lived a life full of adventure, but his health started to catch up with him. He'd run the Boston Marathon, was an avid surfer, and climbed Everest, but he'd started to have abdominal pains around his 85th birthday and went to see a doctor. Sadly, he ultimately was diagnosed...

Why shouldn't potato be a part of a square meal?

Because It's a root vegetable

These Farmers got arrested!

Did you hear why the celery farmer got arrested?

For stalking

Did you hear about the hay farmer that got arrested?

He’s out on bail

Did you hear about the root vegetable farmer that got arrested?

He beet up his friend with a potato and didn’t carrot all.

A quadriplegic was buried at the base of a tree

Now he’s a root vegetable.

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