Did you hear about the bird that carried a leek?

Never mind, its too Farfetch'd.

What is Donald Trump's favorite vegetable?


Someone told me that the best pokemon was the bird that holds a leek stalk

I said 'That's a little farfetch'd'

What vegetable shouldn't go on a boat?

A Leek!!

Why was the vegetable store robber embarrassed?

He got caught taking a leek

A Barge Carrying Vegetables Sinks In a Harbor...

The disaster report claimed the boat had too many leeks.

What is a plumber's favorite vegetable?

A leek

*my little brother gave me this

Why was the man arrested at the farmers' market?

He was caught taking a leek.

Read about that farmer who lost a whole load of crops when crossing the river.

Turns out his boat was full of leeks.