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How many YouTubers does it take to change a lightbulb?

Calm down, I’ll tell you. But first, a word from our sponsor, Raid: Shadow Legends!

I love how all these young YouTubers are getting into Classic Rock.

They are always telling everyone “Don’t forget to like Cher, and subscribe.”

What do you get when YouTubers Rhett & Link pass away?

Good Mythical Mourning

What do you call a werewolf YouTuber?

A lycansubscribe

What’s a YouTuber side job?


Believe it or not, Satan took a shot at being a YouTuber

His channel got loads views

Too bad he didn't make a penny though

The channel got demonetized

This joke may contain profanity. 🤔

When I have sex I am like a YouTuber...

I strive to reach 10 minutes

What’s a YouTuber’s favorite type of moss?

The lichensubscribe!

What happened to the occultist YouTuber?

His account was demon-itized.

What do you call a YouTuber who's really satisfied with life?

A content creator

What did the vertigo afflicted YouTuber say to his subscribers?

Hey, what's up guys!?

I think that YouTubers have to be put in jail

I mean, seriously, why would you hit 1 million of your followers?

What does a werewolf YouTuber say?

Be sure to lycan subscribe!

Who's a great YouTuber, but a terrible cook?

Bo Burnham.

Who is Trump's favorite YouTuber?


I remember when a YouTuber's main aim was to entertain

Now they're all diss-track-ted

Which demon is the average YouTuber most afraid of?


A YouTuber becomes a doctor...

This surgery is sponsored by Blue Apron!

YouTuber goes to suicide forest.

Kills channel

Why did the potato start vlogging his day-to-day life?

He wanted to become a You Tuber.

What do you call a tuber that buys his girlfriend chocolates?

A sweet potato.

What do you call a potato that makes videos for the internet?


What do you call a potato who posts videos online?

A You-*tuber*

ASMR YouTubers see someone absolutely stunning

They be like "yeah I'd tap dat"

Why did the potato cough up blood?

Because it had tuber-culosis

Sad news today, folks. Mr. Potato Head died.

He had brain tubers.

Why did the potato go to the doctor?

Because of tuber-colosis

What disease is the leading cause of death among potatoes?

Tuber culosis

Sorry for the potato quality

How to fake your own death

Become a famous YouTuber and stop uploading for months.

What do you call a long, curved potato with a monetized video channel?

A professional U-tuber.

What do you call a potato on a small inflatable raft?

An inner tuber!

What do you call two Scottish potatos who have just recived a rock as a prize?

Kilt tubers with won stone.

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