My classmate didn't study for our test in mathematics about probability.

"I'll take my chances", he said.

I'll do algebra, geometry, trigonometry, and probability

but graphing is where I draw the line

Controlling probability is the best super power

And I think there's a big chance that you'll agree

While testing a newly installed computer, an Army officer asked the machine to predict the probability of World War Three.

And promptly received a one-world answer: "Yes."

Annoyed at the lack of detail, the officer barked, "Yes, what?"

Instantly the machine replied "Yes, sir!"

2 thieves are planning a robbery on a probability shop

One of them, unsure, says:
"I dunno man, I don't wanna take any chances"

What has the probability of one in five million?

Blonde: But there's no 1 in 5000000. Only a five and six zeros.

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