swiss chardspinachleaf beetspinach beetcardoonkalevegetablechard plantcabbageradisheggplantbroccolizucchiniasparagusparsley

I was grilling some lettuce over a fire for dinner.

My dad came over, took one look and said: That's chard, you idiot.

Which Pokemon was appointed to head the department of agriculture?

Chard czar

Did you hear about the salad who went missing?

All they found were its chard romaines

This joke may contain profanity. 🤔

Old man Richard goes to bed

As Richard closed his eyes and dozed off, he suddenly found himself standing in front Heaven's Gates. Stunned in disbelief, Richard approaches Saint Peter in a panic.

"St. Peter! What happened, why am I in Heaven?"

"Well Richard, you've passed away in your sleep. From now on, the Gates...

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