Floyd Mayweather, Anthony Joshua and Tyson Fury were waiting in a queue.


Anthony Joshua 21 KOs, David Haye 26 KOs, Floyd Mayweather 27 KOs...

Bill Cosby 30 KOs.

Say what you want about Floyd Mayweather

He can't read it anyway

Jimmy Kimmel should have Floyd Mayweather read mean tweets after the fight

Oh wait

Floyd Mayweather won because of an unfair advantage.

He gets to practice in the gym all day and then goes home and practices on his family.

Why does Floyd Mayweather have "TGIF" written on his boxing shoes?

To remind him that "Toes Go in First."

What was the cause for Floyd Mayweather's first loss?

He couldn't read his opponent's moves.

How do we know Floyd Mayweather isn't a bomb?

Because he can't tell the time.

Floyd Mayweather's true record is 51-0...

They forgot to count the 3 times he beat his wife.

Floyd Mayweather Jr must listen to his opponents to win ...

Because he definitely can't read them

Everybody has been reading about the fight today

Except Floyd Mayweather.

"Have you ever seen a mailbox before?" asked my postman sarcastically.

I said, "Yes. Floyd Mayweather."

I've heard the crime rate in the Philippines drops when Manny Pacquiao fights...

The crime rate also drops in Floyd Mayweather's home when Floyd Mayweather fights.

This joke may contain profanity. 🤔

Muhammad Ali in 1974: Float like a butterfly, sting like a bee

Floyd Mayweather in 2015: Run like a chicken, hug like a bear

A man was at a boxing convention ...

He walked around for a while and managed to see some screenings of his favourite boxing matches of history. He also managed to win a new pair of gloves in a raffle. However, he still couldn't find what he was looking for, the one thing he had been waiting for all this time. After hours of searchi...

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