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What do you call a confused gnu?

A bewildebeest.

How would you know if someone uses Linux-GNU?

Don't worry, they will tell you

How to make Gnu/Linux run Photoshop?

You serve it WINE.

What did Donald Trump say when he saw a herd of plastic antelope?


I’m really sad my pet wildebeest died:(

I had to get a Gnu one

So I went to see the antelope salesman the other day...

He said "I've got good gnus, and bad gnus."

Why did the antelope?

Nobody gnu...

Did you hear about that trans-species gazelle?

He’s really transformed himself. You could say he was born a gnu.

I thought I'd bought a couple wildebeests

But alas - fake gnus

Remember this: Everything is eventually reincarnated as a small, goat-like mammal.

Because everything old is gnu again.

What did one stocky, oxlike antelope say to another stocky, oxlike antelope?

Happy Gnu Year!

What do African antelope herders and dyslexic politicians have in common?

They're both very worried about gnu control.

This joke may contain profanity. 🤔

A failing zoo was desperate to drive attendance.

After much discussion, they finally purchased a gnu from Africa.

In anticipation of its arrival, the zoo built a new exhibit for the hard-to-obtain animal. It was a beautiful indoor/outdoor enclosure and contractors worked diligently to meet the deadline of the animal’s arrival.


The Diner's Challenge

A connoisseur is looking for new restaurants to visit and notices one that promises to be able to serve the meat of any animal. He thinks it's a hoax but decides to give it a try anyway.

He enters the restaurant and is seated at a table with fine white tablecloth and expensive-looking silverw...

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