How would you know if someone uses Linux-GNU?

Don't worry, they will tell you

What do you call a confused gnu?

A bewildebeest.

How do you get the most recent posts in r/linux?

Sort by **GNU**.

This joke may contain profanity. 🤔

A failing zoo was desperate to drive attendance.

After much discussion, they finally purchased a gnu from Africa.

In anticipation of its arrival, the zoo built a new exhibit for the hard-to-obtain animal. It was a beautiful indoor/outdoor enclosure and contractors worked diligently to meet the deadline of the animal’s arrival.


What do African antelope herders and dyslexic politicians have in common?

They're both very worried about gnu control.

Sandwich Shop

A man walks into a sandwich shop and begin to place his order, reading off the menu. "I'll have a 6-inch, white bread roll with mustard, mayo and...hey, what's this? 'Wildebeest?' Since when do you serve wildebeest here?"

"Oh, that's our latest addition" says the clerk. "Freshly imported from...

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