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What goes click ninety-nine times and clack once?

A centipede with a clubfoot.

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My friend:hey can I tell you a joke

Me:uh sure?

My friend:what has a little penis and hangs down?


My friend:a bat

Me:anything else

My friend:of course, what has a big penis and hangs up

Me: what?


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Called my friend.

I called my friend just now and said, "I have a joke for you."

Friend: "Ok shoot"

Me: "What has a tiny penis and hangs down?"

Friend: "I dunno what?"

Me: A bat.. now what has an enormous penis and hangs up?

Friend: I dunno what?


A good advice to avoid click bait

Better luck next time.

Why did the chicken click the PowerPoint presentation?

To get to the other slide.

For PC games, the harder you click the more damage you do.

I need to replace my mouse.

I asked my girlfriend how she avoids click-bait..

Her answer may shock you!

Don't click this, I accidentally wrote something offensive

something offensive

Avoiding click-bait is impossible.

My point exactly.

Mentally tough people are better at this important skill:

>!Resisting clickbait headlines.!<

Do you know how to avoid reposted click-baits?

Apparently not

(Click to see full post) there are three unwritten rules to a good life....


TIL there was once a serial killer that created his own language involving clicks and taps.

He called it “Remorse Code”.

I have a super easy way to see how good you are at avoiding click bait.

Turns out you are terrible at it..

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Click to find out what kind of motherfucker you are

You a curious motherfucker.

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If you get an email saying "click this link to hear Nickelback's new album for free" DO NOT CLICK IT

It will take you directly to a site where you can hear Nickelback's new album for free.

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I was walking by a car filled with black kids when I heard a "click" as they locked the doors and I felt like such a bad-ass...

...until I realized it was my car...

What’s worse than reading a click bait title?

Clicking on it.

I met a North African girl the other night, we spoke for hours.

We just clicked.

20 AMAZING ways to cut down on click bait

Well that wasn't one of them.

Click here if you want to hear a joke about a ghost

That's the spirit!

Arguing with a woman is like reading a software license agreement... the end, you ignore it all and click "I agree".

10 Ways to disguise Click Bait!

Edit:Thnx for the gold stranger :)

20 AMAZING Reasons Click Bait Still Works!

1. People are stupid enough to click things that grab their attention.

Click.... Click.... Click....


Hey girl, are you click bait?

Because I see 10 reasons why you're perfect and you won't believe #5

How to avoid clickbait. Rule 1: Don't click on this.

Rule 2: You are all hopeless idiots.

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I couldn't quite click my seat belt together the other day...

Then it buckled...wait...shit.

This joke may contain offensive words. 🤔

Click here to find out what type of motherfucker you are.

You are an optimistic motherfucker for clicking this and hoping for a different punchline than "curious".

I found a Zelda fanfic where Ganondorf took over Hyrule, but for some reason I couldn't click on it

I guess the Link was dead

Click here for spoilers


What did they call click bait in the Middle Ages?

Nothing the internet wasn't invented until like the 1970s.

You won't believe these 7 things you can do to avoid click bait

Redditors hate them

Fishermen hate him- You won't believe the one item he uses to catch more fish than anyone else

Click bait.

A court ruled that sharing click-baits is punishable by death.

What happens next will shock you.

Do you know what happens when you click a link without knowing what it is?

Never gonna give you up, never gonna let you down
Never gonna run around and desert you
Never gonna make you cry, never gonna say goodbye
Never gonna tell a lie and hurt you

I overheard some guy tell his sweet, old grandmother a joke about click-bait at her deathbed. What happened to her as a result will change your life forever!

Nothing. Absolutely nothing happened.

Stop clicking on click-bait!

(note/edit/whatever: I know this joke is a big gamble in terms of possible downvotes, but I just made it up and thought it was too good to not share with at least 1 person that might like it. Happy belated Hallowee...

Two lying, click-bait advertisers walk into a bar.

You'll never believe what happens next!

This joke may contain offensive words. 🤔

Why will people click on any link with sperm or eggs in the headline?

Hey, sex cells.

Court decision: "I hereby find you guilty of clickbait, and sentence you to death by electric chair......

....what happens next will shock you."

A man walks into the head office of a click-bait news site...

...what happens next will shock you!!!

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50 Of the best Offensive Jokes of all time! (Dont click if easily offended)

You may have already seen a few, these are my personal favorites:
1_What's the difference between Paul Walker and a computer? I give a fuck when my computer crashes.
2_My Grandpa said, "Your generation relies too much on technology!" I replied, "No, your generation relies too much on technolog...

This joke may contain offensive words. 🤔

Q: What goes: click click click "Now? FUCK!" click click click "Now? FUCK!" etc...

A: A blind guy working a Rubix cube.

Click here for 17 facts about suicide methods.....

#8 will blow your mind!

I took a trip to South Africa and met a Khoisan woman.

We really clicked.

TIFU by clicking on a link that read "Click to see something unexpected!"

Spanish Inquisition.

Do you know the one step to avoiding clickbait?

Obviously not.

gg y'all, inbox = rekt

There are ten reasons I hate clickbait...

Number 7 will shock you!

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