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Boyde the...

A young man walks into a bar in Scotland and orders a beer. He says, "Greetings from America!"... the bartendender gives him his beer and says, "Welcome, me names Boyde!"

After a few moments the young man realizes that the bar is AMAZING, hand built wood. He asks the bartender, "Did your fath...

A boy and his pet bird

A little boy with a speech impediment got himself a pet bird for Christmas. One day, he went to the pet store to buy it some food.

He walked in and asked the man working in the store, "excuse me, mister, but do you sell any boyd seed?"

The man said "we do, but I'm sorry I can't sell a...

Welsh joke *long*

This was told to me 35 years ago by Boyd Clack (google him for his works)

Small welsh village and the local vicar has been told that his sermon this week needs to be about the doctrine of the Church of Wales as there had been lots of rumours about the village of ghost sightings.

"and m...
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