I tried borrowing the book 1984 but it was out of stock

Literally 1984

My homeboy Nick L. keeps borrowing money from my other homie Deion but I can't keep watching it happen...

I'm too old to watch Nick L. owe Deion.

I dont even know what borrowing language is...

But I'll take your word for it.

What did Yoda say after borrowing E I E from old Macdonald?

E I E, I owe

Marriage is like borrowing money

12 months with no interest

My husband keeps borrowing my kitchen utensils and using them as tools, even though he knows it makes me cross.

He says it's a whisk he's willing to take.

Which singer should you avoid borrowing Pixar movies from?

Rick Astley, because he's never gonna give you Up.

How do you know your girlfriend is getting fat?

She starts borrowing your wife's clothes...

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