This joke may contain profanity. 🤔

Came up with this one this morning. What do you call moisturizer for your penis?


What's the difference between sanitizer and moisturizer ?

One will burn your eyes, the other will moisturize

What moisturizer do Spanish bullfighters use?


Thousands of crates of moisturizer were reported stolen today

... Police looking for a smooth criminal

If you want a job in a moisturizer factory,

you should apply daily.

I'm trying really hard to get a job at the moisturizer factory

I'm applying twice a day

A nine year old girl has disappeared after using moisturizer...

...that makes you look ten years younger...

My girlfriend uses an amazing skin moisturizer

It's like taking a handy from a baby!

What language does the moisturizer speak?


What's a matadors choice skin moisturizer?


(I made it up- unsure if I'm the first but I doubt it)

This joke may contain profanity. 🤔

A boat was shipwrecked in the South Pacific, as a result...

A group of people from different nationalities found themselves stranded on a remote and beautiful island. The party consisted of:

-Two Italian men and one Italian woman

-Two French men and one French woman

-Two German men and one German woman

-Two Greek men and one Greek...

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