What were Stephen Hawkins last words?

Quick, plug me in, i have only 1% lef ...

I hope Stephen Hawkins was an organ donor

I really need some parts for my go kart

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Stephen Hawkins dick joke

The smartest man in the world literally went onto a stage and said
I can now get erections, the doctors disabled my pop up blocker

What's the difference between a walkie talkie and Steven Hawkin

Steven can't walkie or talkie

Don't know if this is a repost I just thought of this

Stephen Hawkins went on a date, he returned home upset and hurt.

She stood him up.

Stephen Hawkins goes on a date....

he comes back a couple of hours later with broken glasses, grazed knees, twisted ankle.

She'd stood him up.

"What part of the human body expands ten times normal size during periods of intense excitement?"

A professor gives his physiology class a spot quiz. One question he asks is, "What part of the human anatomy expands to ten times its normal size during periods of intense emotion and excitement?" He picks a rather overdressed girl in the front row to answer it. "Miss Callahan!" The indicated girl, ...

What do you call a prom in the red light district?

A Shady Hawkins Dance

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Mrs. Johnson had a very beautiful and intelligent parrot.

He had just one problem: He liked to fuck Mr. Hawkins' chickens. Mrs. Johnson scolded him time and time again, but he would just laugh at her. Finally, she told him that if he did it again, she would cut off all of the feathers on the top of his head. Well, he resisted the urge for a week, but on...

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