What do french people call Marijuana?


Why do French people eat snails?

They don't like fast food.

How do French people know how long to boil an egg?

They just know when they boiled enough.

This joke may contain profanity. 🤔

French people don’t masturbate

They jacques off

What do you call French people who like manga and anime?


Why do French people always eat small omelettes?

Because one egg is un oeuf

What drug do French people use to get high?


Do you know why French people are so badass?

They eat pain for breakfast

I always say beaucoup to french people

It means a lot to them

How do French people send photos of cats to each other?

They use Snapchat

What sport is played by angry french people?


French people are very creepy

They give me the crepe's

Why do French people only drive in 1st gear?

They love a lot of revolutions.

If eight Germans leave my party, and nine French people leave my party, have I got any idea how many Spaniards leave my party?


Why do French people not trust mermaids?

Because that girl is poisson.

New study shows that 4*20+10+7 percent of French people are unhappy with the French counting system.

Ugh, French people are such cowards

I saved one and he just kept begging for mercy

French people are weird.

You give them something nice and they beg for mercy.

Why did the French people at the feeding of the 5000 sympathise with Jesus?

Because they shared his pain.

Torturing French people is so rewarding

The more pain you inflict, the louder they thank you

Why do french people never go to space.

Because in space there is no resistance !

What do French people call a really bad Thursday ?

A trajeudi

Why do French people hate remote controls?

They are too easy Toulouse.

Une blague en Français - For french people only

Une femme avoue à son mari qu'elle a un fantasme depuis plusieurs années de faire l'amour pendant qu'un grand noir leur fait du vent avec une feuille de palmier.

Après y avoir bien réfléchi, le mari décide de demander à son collègue de l'aider.

Le lendemain, ils sont donc tous les 3 (l...

I tried to make a few jokes about french people

they were all really rude so I didn't bother

Why don't French people smile in pictures?

The French word for "cheese" is "fromage".

My cat is really fat and chubby

Most people would call her “fubby” but french people would call her “chat”

Jacque the Snail

Jacque is a snail. Snails are not known for their excessive speed. Jacque has always dreamed of going fast, faster than any snail ever has before. Jacque has been saving his money for years so he can buy a super fast sports car and impress all his little snail friends.

Finally, Jacque goes d...

Terrorists hijack a plane flying into London. They tell everyone to raise their hands over their heads if they are British or American.

They wanted French people too but they already had their hands up.

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