If Mississippi lent Missouri her New Jersey, what did Delaware?

I don’t know; Alaska

What is Roe versus Wade?

A: the decision General Washington made before crossing the Delaware.

I finally realized why the painting of Washington crossing the Delaware is such a big deal

It depicts the last time someone willingly entered New Jersey.

What did Delaware?

Idaho, Alaska........ She wore her New Jersey.

(this was a dad joke decades before they were called Dad jokes.)

What do you call a lycanthrope from Wilmington or Dover?

A Delaware-wolf.

This joke may contain profanity. 🤔

John arrives home from work one day to hear a voice in his head telling him to quit his job

...quit his job, sell it all, and fly to Vegas. Day after day, it is the same thing. "John, quit your job, sell the house, don't tell the wife, and fly to Vegas."

Over time it starts to get more and more specific.

"John, quit your job at the bank. Sell the house for no less than $200k...

A fun little hike

Mississippi asked Missouri “What did Delaware?” She replied, “Idaho, but Alaska”. Turns out she wore her New Jersey.

So a guy with a stutter calls the sanitation department

Hello, this is the sanitation department.

HH..HH...Hello...Th...th...there's a ddddd ddd dead horse here.

OK, where is here?


On Delaware Sir?

Nnnnno, on DDD DDD DDD...DD

On Dartmouth?


Ok, sir, ...

This joke may contain profanity. 🤔

I made it into the National Pun Championship last year...

I was selected from a radio contest when I called in and submitted a pun to win concert tickets. A week later after the concert they called the other winners and I back to compete for the Maryland Pun Playoffs. There were five of us in all, and I came out on top as the state's winner. I was pumped!<...

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