There is an air conditioned farm down the street

It's a pharmacy

Why was Pavlov's hair so soft?

He conditioned it.

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Why did they stop the production of the air conditioned toilet seat?

Shit hit the fan.

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A younger chimp asks one of his elders what's a conditioned reflex.

The older chimp says: "When I press this red button an idiot in a white coat will open that door and bring us some bananas."

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Ad on a newspaper with 3 conditioned posted by a woman looking for a husband.

1st condition: Should not spend all day and night out with friends.
2nd Condition: Should not abuse her physically.
3rd Condition: Must be very good in bed.

Next a day an amputated man with no arms and legs shows up and rings the bell, saying, "I don't have arms to beat you and I don't ...

Why did Pavlov have such great hair?

He conditioned it well!

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